May Element A Day: Week 3

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Hearts for the 20th:


Here is a little extra. Found a tut on Utube for this and it was a great tutorial.

Lisence Plate

Day 17 Crease

Hearts, clustered and unclustered.

Flowers for the 21st:


My elements week 3

Beautiful things are made already smiley

I posted this once already, but it disappeared.

Couldn't get inspired with my first color choice, so started over with a different color palette.



My creased and felt/fabric:

Here is my week 3: ( I also added a mask because I accidentally erased the one from week 2! smiley )


felt and scatter


Here are mine for week 3

Dawn, I am loving your patriotic theme!

Fun elements ladies! I'm behind, but been working on some things. Hopefully I'll be able to post some of them soon!

I'm a bit behind.




Here is my week 3 previews

Finally caught up:

I'm having trouble with the felt idea. Does anyone know of a good resource? Did most people use a texture layer or did people make it from scratch? I'd like to know any tips if anyone has them.

Lou Anne, I used a texture I found on google. I did make a felt texture of my own that closely resembled the one I found , but my program unexpectedly shut down and I just didn't want to do all the work again.

Just put up a new thread. Feel free to continue posting there:


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