May Element a Day: Week 4

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May Element a Day: Week 4

I can't believe this is our last week! Can't wait to see all the finished kits!

This designer challenge will run the entire month of May. The goal is to make an element a day. If you don't have time everyday to participate, that's okay; there will be wiggle room to play catch up. Everyday there will be a new theme for you to use, although some themes might repeat at some point. Before we start you can give some thought to what color palette you would like to use and what you'd like to do with your finished product, which should be 31 elements. (Here's a link to my pinterest board for color palettes.)

In this thread you may post:

  1. Questions and comments on completing each element.
  2. Finished elements and/or templates. You may of course post small thumbnail images if you are saving the finished product for something.
  3. I'll post a new thread each week so that things don't get too out of hand.
  4. Don't worry if you're behind or starting in the middle, feel free to share whatever you make.

May Paper a Day Challenge Week 4 Themes

Wednesday May 22: Doodles
Thursday May 23: Transparent
Friday May 24: Stickers
Saturday May 25: Stars
Sunday May 26: Banner
Monday May 27: Tag
Tuesday May 28: Alpha
Wednesday May 29: Alpha
Thursday May 30: Free Choice
Friday May 31: Free Choice

Here are some doodles:

Click for full size





Day 22 - Doodles

Doodles - Day 22

Here are my flowers, hearts, doodles, transparent and sticker.

I am almost caught up now! Here's Week 3.

Stickers May 24

Here are my doodles for the 22nd.


Tag (I ripped the heart ribbon image off of google)

Alphas 1 (made to look like glitter gel stickers)

Transparent May 23

Alpha 2

My Choice 1

My Choice 2


I was super way behind with my anniversary, my hubbies birthday and my daughters graduation all happening last week! We had a blast though through it all, especially my anniversary dinner at Longhorns and movie "Star Trek Into Darkness". I 'm a huge Treky fan, so I was soooo excited! Also my sweet hubby had surgery Monday, so he wasn't feeling very good Monday night and Tuesday, but he is back in the game today, so I thought I would speed through some designing and catch up with everything now, and give me and my hubby time to relax together and watch the grass grow the rest of the week:) So, I was off to doodle, when my sweety pie daughter asked if she could do it, so I let her make the doodles, with an idea I had in my head. Obviously I'm not good with doodles if they aren't made in inkscape, I just scanned these and colored them in via photoshop. I still think they are cute:) My daughter does too!

Here are the doodles, colored in and made into stickers:

And now the long list of the stuff I had to catch up with, and the stuff for this week! Here is the preview of the wordart, creased clock digits number line, felt mustache, metal bits scatter, hearts, transparent element, pointing hand sticker, stars, "you are my happy" tag, stringy frame (free choice), #1 super hero award (free choice). I have already shown the fastener, flowers, doodles and banner in an earlier post, and the alpha is next.

Here are my doodles. Still thinking if I want to do any more with them:

@Sheila: Your elements are looking awesome!

They are all gorgeous!!

Any tips for someting transparant??

My Doodles for May 22nd. It was my first time trying out my wacom tablet.

@Saskia, I wasn't sure about transparent either, but I made some crazy acrylic styles a while back and they are free if you wanna try that route. Here is the link, and I transferred all my files to mediafire so it will be easier to download than 4shared.
I'm not sure if it will help or not, but they are fun to play with anyway,lol:)

I just made some pewter & glass(what I was going for anyways lol) frames that can be placed over photos or randomly in multiple shapes.
Here's what it looks like applied:







My doodles and transparent elements:

Megan what size wacom tablet did you buy? I have been researching them for awhile now and will take the plunge to get one soon, but was wondering about what size I really need. I know they are coming out with a middle of the road size soon( not to small but not to large either).

Here are my transparent elements for the 23rd:


Day 23 - Transparent
I didn't quite know what to do with this one. I added the stripes to the background to show the transparencies of the butterfly.

Its the Bambo Create, so its the smaller one.


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