May Element a Day: Week 4

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Day 24 - sticker

Flag banner

Here are my stickers for the 24th. I used a couple of butterflys from Dover and the rainbow I made myself.


I also have the bamboo create but when I use it with psp it doesn't work as smoothly.

Alphabet 1

Alphabet 2-- Transparent

I'm using PSP but I have my settings changed with my brush tool.

Sticker, star, and banner...

I doubled up and made some transparent stars:

And here are my stickers:

My Stickers

Here are my stars for the 25th:


Here is my banner for the 26th:


Here are my alphas.


Free choice 1

Thank you Marisa for starting this. I have had fun and learned a lot of new things.

Here's my littler banner cluster for today:

Day 25 - Star

Here are my tags for the 27th:


Day 26 = Banner

Doodle Flag Choice 2

I am way behind, but determined to catch up! I made a palette change from what I started with, and here is week one's preview.

Click for bigger preview picture.

One week down, three to gooooooooooooooooooooooo!

@Holly, I LOVE your photo corners, you should write us a tutorial on them, lol:) Awesome colors, awesome elements!

Here's my final tag:

Thank you so much for the kind words, Sheila. You are sweet. I am happy to share the template for the corners I made. I will let you know when I have it ready and where you can snag it, okay?

Here are my elements for Week Two . . .

Click for bigger preview picture.

Half way! Woo Hoo!

Day 27 - Tag

Alphas for the 28th:


Day 28 - Alpha 1
Here's my first alpha just something real simple. I'm also posting the color palette I've been using for the kit I made called Remember When.

Ooooh! This is gorgeous! I am a complete sucker for anything remotely Steampunk or related to travel. This is so pretty!

Such beautiful work! I really love these!

Completely agree with you, Sheila! Really great photo corners!

Day 27 - Tag. Thanks Marisa for the green ribbon!

Day 28 Alpha - Can't help it but I'm loving' treadplate. Must be the Harley! smiley

Day 29 Alpha - Just in time for Independence Day! smiley


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