PS Challenge - Bedouin Nights - Deadline Nov 30

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PS Challenge - Bedouin Nights - Deadline Nov 30

EDIT: Thanks to everyone for sharing layouts! I've given you all your participation community points.

Congrats to Melouise for winning the random drawing.

Don't forget to check out all the layouts here and leave everyone some love!


Many of you collected all the assets for the Bedouin Nights kit during the scavenger hunt, and I thought it would be fun to see what you made with it. If you missed the scavenger hunt, don't worry, the assets are going up now and will all be up well before the end of the month.

You have until the end of the month to play around with things and be sure to post your best layout in this thread.

The Challenge
You must use some assets from the Bedouin Nights Kit. You may use other things as well. I don't have a specific ratio for you to follow, use your best judgement about what you think is fair.

The Details

Due Date: November 30, 2012

Tag: "challenge bedouin nights kit nov 30"
Make sure you use this tag exactly, so we can browse easily through the gallery and see all the submissions.

See basic challenge rules here.

Check out finished and entered layouts here.

I have a LO ready, (Bedouin Night is one the top of my fav list right now) just have to earn enough CPs by Nov 30 so I can upload it. Making that my new goal!;)

You can totally make it! Just make a few comments everyday and you'll be there quick. Also, just to remind you, you'll need to pick out a last name per our profile expectations.

Did that! Sorry! Thanks for the reminder smiley

I'll be doing this one as soon as my very busy weekend is over! Thanks for the fun challenges. I'm excited to work with this great kit.

I love the rich colors of this kit! Totally looking forward to this challenge.....

Bedouin nights challenge nov 30

yay yay yay...can participate in this one - FINALLY got my computer back - don't feel so lost anymore smiley

@Jodi: Thanks for sharing! Although you will need to upload it to the Pixel Scrapper gallery and tag it with the challenge tag in order to get your points and a chance to win. I've given you access to the gallery, so you can go ahead and try that!

Yay, have uploaded my layout smiley

@Jodi: that's a very pretty page! Is that black paper with swirls one of Marisa's? I really like it...

@Lizanne- the glittery paper in back is marisa's and the orange tape, too. once I really figure out what I am doing and post in the gallery, I will give proper credit to the rest.

@Marisa- thank you for gallery access and your sometimes take me awhile to get it right but I usually get there. Posted in gallery.

i'm really excited for this challenge! i totally love this kit and am really sorry i missed the scavenger hunt, but will scoop up all the assets as Marisa uploads them!!

Here is my layout for the challenge. Thanks for the great kit. It was fun to use!

Page 1

Page 2

Oops, I almost forgot to post my layout here smiley
I recolored the teal paper to make it more blue-ish and used the chevron paper as an overlay, but I kept the rest of the kit "as is" - although even I find it hard to recognise the Bedouin Nights kit in this layout, but it really is! Take a look in the gallery or here:

here's my layout. I love this kit! Here's the link

Okay, all your layouts so far are GORGEOUS and vibrant in colors ((I need more practice, but I'm having a lot of FUN here!)) Anyways, I used 5 of the papers and 3 buttons from the kit along with template 198. Here's my attempt at this challenge.

If you like it, please smiley it in my Gallery HERE

View my submission smiley

smiley it in my gallery!

The link to my layout is here

And.... This is it smiley

I LOVE this kit!

smiley in my gallery here.

My submission for this challenge actually exist of two pages combined, turning it into a spread. I have chosen to place it here as one image so the effect of the continuing layout is better visible.
Marisa's Bedouin Night kit exists of so many wonderful items that I had to restrain myself in not placing too much stuff in it and making it too cluttered. The result with explanation can be viewed here.

Here is my contribution. You can find it in my gallery as well.

I just finished another contribution for this challenge.
The result with explanation can be viewed here.

I have done my challenge page but can't seem to upload it, so this is the link.

Unfortunately Angela, if the layout isn't uploaded to our gallery and tagged correctly, I won't be able to give you points or enter you in the random drawing. I actually use the tag to perform the various actions necessary. What problem were you having uploading? Did you check out the support page?

Here is mine:

I went to Disneyland on November 17th with my family, sister, brother in law, her kids and their families. There were about 14 of us in all and we had a great time. Earlier in November I had gone to my sister's house to sew four princess dresses for my two grand nieces so that they would have a dress to wear each day of our visit. I have to admit my Merida dress was the absolute best! I used a basic pattern and then had to devise the pattern to match the dress from the movie. I think I did a pretty good job! It was a great deal of fun for me!

Here we were able to enjoy the meeting of two princesses!

When I put in the URL it shows as text not picture. I was waiting for permission to upload to Gallery, but have done it today. Uploading to the Gallery was not a problem, it's uploading here I can't get to work.

Edited by Shawna: I fixed it for you Angela smiley What you have to do is go to the page then, right click on the image, copy image URL and paste it in the area once you click the first icon on the left above your post. Here's the exact tutorial for next time. :)

Thank you Shawna. The trouble is I can't find the image URL by right clicking. I was using the http line at the top. I don't get an option to copy URL. I can find it in properties, but that doesn't wotk either. i must be doing something wrong, but I can't think what! I have even watched the tutorial! Now it seems I can't add a link either! Type the word - "here" Highlight it, add the URL to the link box, press OK - just the text line comes up!

@Angela: ummm almost sounds like it may be your browser... I can't remember the preferred for the site here. Jordan will be able to help you more when he logs in later at some point, but I'm using Chrome and it works for me by right clicking on top of the photo and it's about 4-5 options down the list. I'm sorry I don't know more to help you right now. if I figure it out before Jordan stops by again i'll come back and let you know. smiley I'm gonna copy yours above and paste it over in the support forum to let him know you need help, too.

Here's the direct link to where I posted for you in the support forum so Jordan will see it smiley

Here's my contribution. smiley



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