Should we split this forum (designer/layout)?

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Should we split this forum (designer/layout)?

We're thinking about updating the forums, and I was wondering how you feel about this challenge thread. Would you prefer to have separate forums for designer challenges and layout challenges, or to keep them combined as they are now?

Split into 2 forums.
93% (28 votes)
Keep as is.
6% (2 votes)
Total votes: 30

I just typed up a suggestion and it disappeared when I hit post comment. Nothing is there but my photo smiley

Anyway...Does the forum have the capability to create a main forum for Challenges then sub-forums for weekly challenges and then each week a new thread for that weeks challenge? The same for monthly challenges?
Something like this:
Weekly Challenges
Challenges for the week of:
New Thread for each challenge that week

Monthly Challenges
Challenges for the month of:
New Thread for each challenge that month

I don't even know if this is possible but I know I've seen it in other forums and it seems to work well. It's very easy to find what your looking for and it helps to keep things organized and streamlined.

I must admit sometimes it takes me awhile to find things, I like the idea of all the blog train bits being together, all the Element a Day bits together etc

It is confusing to have the challenges for designers and layout artists all mixed in together. Sometimes it is not very clear which group a challenge is targeted at until you open it. This site does however challenge me to sometimes dabble in a bit of design, although I am primarily a digital scrapbooker and I definately would not claim to be a designer.

I think it's a great idea to split things up so you have a forum for just digiscrappers & one for just designing. smiley

It's a great idea to split things up so you have a forum for just digiscrappers & one for just designing.I really get confused around here,most of the time,so it would be easier for my brain if it where split up.

I think it would be easier when you split it into two Marisa smiley
Good luck and thank you before Jordan, hehehe smiley

Thanks for the input everyone!

I think despite the overwhelming vote to split the forum, for now I'm going to try and do a better job of labeling the threads (DESIGNER and LAYOUT) for easier searching. I'm sure we will probably have to split in the future, but we're going to hang on together just a little bit longer.

i think that it be easier to view when split, and or add a new challenge like for elements..??