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December Daily

Is anyone here doing the December Daily this year? (Digital or paper)

Just curious whether people in this community get involved with that ...

It seems like a cool idea, but I'm never organized enough to do it. Maybe next year I'll be on the ball and we can do something here.

If you do participate, how do you like to do it? How do you keep up with it during such a busy month? Any tips?

I am way to busy at this time of the year to do this, I hardly can keep up at my emails, I would wish my days had 48 hours!

I've been doing digital versions. Last year, I created myself a foundation page template which I used to jump start every page. I tried to keep things simple, and it worked really really well. Scrapping DD pages last year took me less than an hour for each page (an average scrapbook page usually takes me 1-2 hours), so I was able to stay on top of things all throughout that busy season.

This year, I've decided to switch up designs in my DD project (even though I still totally love the foundation page I created last year and was tempted to use it again this year), and creating a page takes quite a bit longer because I don't have that ready to go foundation template, so I'm struggling a little more to keep up (and on top I seem to be more busy this year than last, don't know how ...).

Anyhow, last year I wrote a post on tackling the DD with as little pain as possible on my blog, and the tips I mentioned there have worked really well for me. (Like I said, this year I chose a different route, not listening to my own advice from last year, and staying on top of my DD project is a greater challenge this year than last, lol).

You & me both, Wilma! smiley This is the time of year I want to kick back, relax & enjoy the reason for the season..........but instead it seems to be so busy & stressful. If I could change that part, I would.

Sula: What an AMAZING post on your blog - I loved it, thanks for sharing smiley I am not doing DD (In fact, I just learned this term), and, well, If I started a diary like that today, It would have the 7 first days about my cat´s recovering, and not about hollidays, since Ronny is, at this moment, being neutered. For a weird coincidence, my females were neutered at Dec the 8th last year - so, December here seems to be "the month to neuter cats" :p

@ Lorien: That would make a wonderful title: 'The neutered album' haha!

@Sula: What a beautiful blog and what a clear and comprehensible way of writing you have! I'll be there stalking you from now on smiley

I am having a hard time making one layout a week, so I'm not even going to TRY to do a december daily! Although I have 'making a diary page' on my wishlist, but I don't want to limit that just to december.

We're doing a December daily at our house (a physical mini-scrapbook) documenting our C.A.K.E project (C.A.K.E. = Christmas acts if kindness for everyone). My three year old and I (with my 10 month old in tow) choose one act of kindness that is written on tiny scrapbook tags and housed on our tree, which is not yet fully decorated...just has lights. Then that day we need to do that act of kindness. So far we've written a letter to a member of the armed service (my nephew who is currently serving overseas), picked up trash in the neighborhood while on our daily walk and made a special supper for daddy. Tomorrow we're going to bake cookies for a neighbor who just had a baby. The project will culminate with delivering donations to our local NICU where our youngest spent the first two months of her life.

During all of the activities, I'm taking pictures and having my daughter help me to journal. I've yet to pick up some special stickers for her to include in our mini-scrapbook (on my list of things to do). So far it's going very well and has squelched the 'I wants' that were already showing their ugly heads toward the end of November.

@ Janet: what a sweet idea to do CAKE. Love everything about it, and I'm sure it's a great learning opportunity for your kids!

@ Lorien: I'm laughing about the neutered cat album (though I'm sure I shouldn't, coz you're probably feeling with them), and honestly: why not do a pets' album? I know one scrapper who always scraps about her dogs (and only scraps about them), and is on several CTs with that, lol!

@ Melouise: I can see how DD is intimidating when there's so much else going on in December.

You can laugh Sula, don´t worry! I also found the idea both weird and fun. I fact, I mostly scrapped about my cats, but, do you believe I never ever had an album only for them? I need to make one of that pocket photobooks to leave in my bag in case someone new want to see some pics, as I don´t have a smartphone and I´m not always with my camera smiley

December is such a busy month that committing to a daily is hard. I hope to start one in January.

@Sula I love your blog and your layouts are beautiful! I wish I had more time to do it this year, but maybe next year. I've been hand making all my Christmas gifts, and have a stack of Christmas cards let to make!