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ISO: Cultural kits

Hi everyone!
I have been searching for kits for dia de los muertos or mexican ghouls and skulls but haven't had any luck.

I had an idea that maybe we could start seeing some cultural kits, you know that are specific to different cultural days around the world.

The festival of colours they do in India is quite awesome, the running of the bulls in Spain as well as the tomatina, Carnivale in Venice Italy and Carnaval in Brazil and Uruguay are also quite cool festivals with a lot of different icons and asset possibilities.

Unfortunately I haven't got much time to create some although i would love to, but if any one does seem to want to give these a go i'd be more than happy to help create a few kits.



Hello Noellia! I´ll transfer this post to Digital Scrapbook Discussion and rename it in a way it has more chances to get seen for amazing designers smiley

Also, I know some paid kits for Carnaval and Dia de los Muertos, I´ll look for them and post here. My hardest cultural holliday is chinese new year, I had some kits, but haven´t found the perfect kit yet...