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ISO: simple/bright

I need help finding backgrounds that don't have an old or distressed look. Simple bright color patterns and embellishments that
go with bright patterns. Also ready made pages all I need to do is put in a photo, and words. I need help to find bright and decorative alpha's also. Cant find simple and bright frames.

There are tons of exactly what you're looking for right here on Pixel Scrapper.

Check out the color basics collection to start:

You can download the whole kit of just one color, or just pieces as you need them.

Thank you Catherine that is what I was looking for smiley smiley

yay! glad to help. smiley


The ready made pages are mostly called "quick pages" and Pixelscrapper has loads of them too! Check here:
or just do a search on quick page on a freebie site like this one:

Thank Melouise quick pages are great, I can just add little touches to make them special.

We have a lot of QP freebie at SCrap From France...juts make your choose!!

Marina these are nice but it still looks washed out I like colors to pop out bright.