How do you make these or similar accents?

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How do you make these or similar accents?

Thank you!

the first ans the last picture really looks like they used acrylic paint/ glitter etc and scanned it to extract the pattern. The last one is made with bubblewrapping smiley The one in the middle is hard to know exactly cause it could be made irl and then scanned but it could also be a brush i ps and then distressed alot with other brushes smiley

Thanks so much for your response and help! smiley

I moved this thread to Digital Scrapbook Discussion subforum, so we can see if other users have hints. Support is more for technical issues...

I don't know how she made them but I've made them doing this. I used a brush to make the design. Then I took the eraser and added a grunge brush to it (in PS if you do a right mouse click when you have your eraser selected it will come up with brushes you can use). I turn down the opacity to about 30 start tapping around the image to erase slightly, giving it the distressed appearance.
For the plastic look I just use the bevel & emboss to give it a glossy plastic feel.
Not sure if you use PS or if this helps, but thought I would at least give you my way!

Oh, if you would like I can make a tutorial for you with examples (using PS)

Great thread ladies! Thanks for asking Cindy. smiley

I don't use PS, but it's awfully nice of you to offer!

Jenn: Those of us who do use PS would love for you to make one of your wonderful tutorials to share with us here at PS. When you get to it, I'm sure you are very busy. Could you please share a link here in this thread but also start a post in the PhotoShop forum so when others later are looking for specific tutorials they can find it by what you name it? Thanks for always being willing to share your knowledge with us SugarButt!!! smiley