100 Days of Scrapping - Jan 1 to April 10

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Hooray! look at you ladies being al industrious!!!
I have a "traditional" scrapbook crop this weekend where I will be working on our Disney Trip from this past Summer! And basically spent all of Christmas break working on getting ready for that smiley

Starting Monday I will be working towards the goal of 30 minutes per day...so I have about 7 hours to make up, and should be able to get a extra time in when my son is at Preschool. he goes 4 days a week and I am hoping to use one of those days as digital scrap time (2 of the days are already allocated to the gym and I need one for the cleaning stuff that I dont want him to "help" with..like bleaching the bathrooms, etc!)

Fantastic job on all the layouts, they look great!
I too need to work on journalling more, I am really not good about it at all...*sigh* smiley

@Becky - Glad you're back up and running! I'll go check out your layouts next smiley Most of the pages I uploaded while you were gone were layouts I had completed back in November and December but just never took the time to upload. I've gotten 6 pages done so far with this challenge... but I'm having a hard time not spending hours on a layout. I may just have to make peace with that being my style. It's going to be quite a challenge to get caught up if I'm going to spend 3 hours on each page smiley

@Gina - It's been years since I've been to a scrapbook crop, but they were a lot of fun! Glad to have you in on the "challenge". Can't wait to see what you make smiley

thanks to PBS kids and their show about dinos that ride trains, my son has been "playing paleontologist" for the last 30 minutes and i got to do this layout!!! smiley

@Gina - That's great! I'm actually surprised my boys aren't more into that show, because the older one especially is obsessed with dinosaurs. Unfortunately for me, their favorite dinosaur show is on Amazon Prime, which means they usually want to watch it when I'm trying to scrap! smiley Enjoy the crop!

@Shell - Hey, if that's your process, best to own it, right? smiley I'm sure I'd be spending a lot more time on my layouts if I had the capability to do all the clipping and masking and all. As it is, my layouts are pretty basic and will probably stay that way unless I manage to upgrade my software at some point.

Speaking of super basic, here's tonight's layout. Completely in the style of my "I just want to get these pages done" paper scrapping, lol.

Great layouts both of you! I love the bold color contrasts. smiley

I've been busy with life commitments this weekend, but I did manage to get another 2 pages done:

@Shell- the journaling on the clouds was really cute!

I'll be honest, I missed yesterday because I was out of the house most of the day. But I did knock out this past Christmas this afternoon. Unfortunately, I did try playing with the clipping tutorial that was shared with me on here, and I couldn't even get the marching ants bit to work. So it was a no go. I guess that for now, I'll be sticking with my more basic templates (like everything that's just squares and rectangles) and the dragging and layer deleting that I've been doing.

Just checking in to see how everyone's doing? I ended up staying home sick from my usual Tuesday night rehearsal, but it gave me enough time to get a weekly spread from last week done. I'm hoping that if I work those in during this project, I won't completely lose track of this year while I'm catching up on 2017-2018. smiley

I've been under the weather for a couple days and sleeping a lot. Right now I just keep pushing the same photos around and around on the page, so I think I'll peruse the gallery for some inspiration.

Bummer to hear about the clipping issue with PSE. I'm impressed with what you're able to do with the older version. I have full Photoshop, and sometimes I think having "all the options" is just overwhelming smiley

must be in the air...i have been feeling sick for the last two days as well smiley
wasnt really feeling like scrapping, but wanted to get something done so just threw together a premade page, a journal card and a few pics just to say i was making progress
not my favorite layout, but then again exercising isnt really my favorite thing to do, so it works! smiley

"...not my favorite layout, but then again exercising isn't really my favorite thing to do, so it works!" - Ha Ha! The two things I'm struggling with right now: getting to the gym (I also belong to Planet Fitness!) and getting caught up on scrapbooking. Here's to 2019 smiley

Ok, so I can't seem to finish a page. I've got 4 of them going and I'm not happy with any of them. smiley

But so far I've managed to work on my layouts every day this year. That's not nothin'!

@Shell- No, every little bit of progress is good!! But I'm sorry that you're not happy with how your pages are working out. smiley

@Gina- That's not my favorite thing to do, either! Though I was all mentally set to at least attempt to get more active this year... aaaaaaand then I found out I'm pregnant and it's making me sick as well, so I've been basically sitting on the couch and living off of ginger ale and bland carbs all week. But at least digiscrapping is a relatively easy hobby to do when you need to sit on your butt, I'm getting way more progress done on this than my sewing right now!

(Today's page was literally just squares with a flower thrown on top, lol. But it's just for a monthly divider page, so I figured I'd just throw in some of my random shots from last month.)

@ Shell - sometimes you just "need" to fall down the pinterest hole until you find something that inspires you smiley ...or at least thats what i tell myself to justify it!

@Becky - congrats on being with child...BOO to being sick (i had morning sickness for the first 5 months with my son)...hooray for having more time to get some scrappin' done! smiley

motivation (whether for getting off your butt and moving or just to feel inspired) can be difficult to come by some days, and other days its like you don't even have to try. I just spent the day at the Science Center here is Pittsburgh with my husband and kiddo and am looking for space/science-y related inspiration! this site has everything which is awesome!

Well, I finally just made myself hit "save" and call it good. I think the layouts were probably done a while ago, I just got mesmerized by making tiny insignificant changes. Ever do that? (eye roll)

@Becky - Congratulations! I hope your tummy settles soon. Oh how I remember those days!

@Gina - I start down the Pinterest rabbit hole in search of scrapping inspiration, and emerge with a brownie recipe that must be made. right. now. smiley

In between bites of brownie, I am futzing with a 2 page layout of my daughters asian-themed birthday. I've downloaded a gazillion papers and the pages look totally chaotic. Not giving up! Sleep can wait!

gave up on the science center photos...too many photos, not enough ideas *insert eye roll here*
instead scrapped the photos my husband took last weekend when it took our son to a Paw Patrol Live show while I was at a weekend crop! ...i only had to remind him 4 times to take pictures!!! smiley

@Gina- it sounds like this month's blog train on here should be perfect for you, with the sci-fi theme! I have some Paw Patrol Live photos I'll need to deal with myself at some point, though not many, as I was home with the infant younger brother while the older brother and daddy went. smiley

@Shell- they look good to me! It looks like you all were having a lot of fun in the layout on the right.

Thanks for the congratulations! I'm still feeling awful, and basically living off of bread and ginger ale (right now I'm munching dry cheerios like a toddler while I work on here), but I mustered up the energy to finish the layout I started yesterday while all the guys are napping.

(Edit to add that the toddler woke up just as I was posting and came in here, and recognized the Paw Patrol logo on your layout right away!)

I'm calling the chaotic 2-page asian birthday layout done. I've gone cross-eyed from staring at it too long. Most of the photos needed to be heavily color corrected as they were very yellow and dark. I'm also trying to cram a whole year into only 20 pages, so I'm ending up with a lot of photos on each page which makes it a little tricky, but I did it!

@Becky...I LOVE the way you numbered the photos and captioned them. I am terrible at journalling, but this seems like an amazing way to do it efficiently!!!

@Shell...this layout is fantastic, yes its a bit busier then some, but it works great!!!

i think its a requirement of being a kiddo to know Paw Patrol! smiley smiley i really wasn't sure what i was going to do with that layout but i like the way it came out.
Now i need to look through everything i downloaded from the blog train and get to work on the Science Center photos! smiley
I would be seriously amazing if i can stay current month to month for this year...i also spent two hours today organizing my 2018 paper album...

,,,so much to do so little time!!!

On a roll! Trying to get as much done on this 3-day weekend as I can. I *might* also be avoiding doing chores and running errands...

I'm so determined to get through 2009 and 2010 so I can order my album. My plan is to do a whopping 100 page book with 5 years crammed into it. If I keep at it, I'll be able to finish that book as we're wrapping up our 100 days!

@shell - that is awesome!!! you are doing great!!!