100 Days of Scrapping - Jan 1 to April 10

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That's great, Shell! And 12 more pages sounds like a great goal for the remainder of the time. smiley

couldnt sleep this morning..woke up at 6am. [on a staurday. lame] oh well, i got three pages scrapped...i am about half way thru January now *insert eye roll* two are uploaded here, the other was mostly others peoples kiddos at a birthdya party for a family friend and i dint want to just be covering up kids faces..

on the other hand (the non-digital scrapping hand) - i have our Disney trip completely organized with page kits into 4 12x12 d-clip albums (!) because i take TOO many pictures, last weekend i was even able to scrap 12 pages. so that was amazing smiley

i am also trying to organize my scrap room and create kits with my remaining albums, ya know my yearly albums for 15, 16, 17, and 18...once i get a better grasp on what I have I can get back to organizing extra things into the albums i am trying to make for MakeAWish.

its good to have dreams right? smiley

Wow Gina, you're on a roll! I guess if you're gonna wake up early on a Saturday you might as well do something fun smiley

My family peeps are all busy today, so I get some guilt free scrapping time. Yay!

Guess what - there is a new #100 day project starting on April 2nd 2019 - which is just under 1 month away.

As a new Digital Scrapper I would love to join this. Should I start a new thread for this year?


Made a thread for you here!

The "official" 100 days is coming up and I posted a thread for it here, in case you were all thinking to keep going smiley

Thanks, Marisa! I keep missing days here and there, though this is still good for me to get in the habit of regularly working on my albums. Even so, I'd still like to actually complete the challenge!

Well hello there! I haven't been checking in but I've been getting some pages done. Getting super excited to finish and order my book. Only 6 more pages to go! Here's what I've gotten done in the last week:

@Shell smiley FANTASTIC job!!! that is awesome, we just got back from a spring break vacation to Great Wolf Lodge, so i naturally have more photos to scrap!!!

Wow, @Shell, looks like you've been busy!!

I've been doing pretty well at keeping up with the weekly layouts for this year so far, and chipping away at the photos from early 2017 that I never got to. I've managed to get up into March now, so it's kind of funny simultaneously doing this year plus the same timeframe 2 years ago.

For the record, I have actually discovered that there are 2 separate 100 day projects.

Since Becky linked to the 100 Days project dot ORG project that starts on 2 April (in this thread) - that is the one i joined.

There is also a second 100 days project that runs from Jan to April - which is 100 days project dot COM.

Just so you are aware that there are 2 different projects. Both are creative and encourage people to be creative.

@Robynne - Thanks for the info. I've found the 100 days concept to be very motivating!

Ok, drumroll please......

I've completed the last page of my 100 page album! Woot!!!

Can't wait to order my album. I'm kindof nervous as I'm going to be ordering it from Shutterfly and I've heard some people think the quality there is mediocre. It's the only place I've ever ordered books from though and I've been fairly happy with the results. Anyways, I have a gift certificate from there that I received as a Christmas present so it will be very affordable for me even though it's going to be an eNORMous book. Hoping to order it in the next week. I'll be sure to post a photo of it when I get it smiley

Here's the last 6 pages that I completed this past week:

@Becky - I checked out your gallery and saw your last spread. Sound's like a rough week smiley Hope things have settled down and you're all feeling better.

Yes Shell, I am finding the 100 days project to be very motivating as well.

I am not currently scrapping, because I need to wait until 2nd April, and then I will be off....

In the meantime, I am picking up as many kits and graphics as I possibly can.

and making a long list of pages that I want to make....

@shell GREAT job on completing a book!!! that is fantastic!!!

as much as i wanted to use these 100 days to stay on track, it really hasnt worked...at least not in the digital world. I am SUPER behind already!!! I am getting real life scrapping done slowly but surely and and mostly organized which is wonderful!!!

hopefully these next 100 days I can use to catch up on 2019!!!


Congrats on finishing your book, @Shell! That must feel so good to get that completed.

And yes, I am feeling a little better. I haven't gotten much done in the way of scrapping this week, but I did finish a few layouts recently that I still need to upload. I'm really going to have to buckle down if I'm going to do the official 100 days project, since I keep missing days here and there. smiley

@Robynne - good to know about the two projects, thanks for that info!