A Question about Collaborations...

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A Question about Collaborations...

So, this collab that is going live July 1st... is this something that will be put in the KITS section of this site for DC, or is this something we'll be travelling around to get like a blog train?

At least this time, it will be like a blog train - It´s just hop around the designer´s blogs that will be listed in a specific topic. There are some collaborations between Marisa and Brooke at the site, however.

As for my part it will be on my blog until I run out of space, i.e. a long time. I don't plan on selling my kits ever. I do what I do for fun while I am retired.

So, this one going live July 1st is like a blog train but less potluck and more coordinated?

Exactly smiley

Cool beans! Thanks for clarifying for me! smiley