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I just wondered is there any A4 size paper kits as I like to sometimes print them out but the paper design always looks blurred, is there a way I can change this? I hope that makes sense. Sorry if its been asked before but still getting used to the site

Thanks Emma smiley

P.s hope everyone is okay and safe

I scrap 8.5x11, but I haven't found a blurring issue when I resize. I often just crop the paper, rather than resizing it though. And when I do resize, I usually make sure to maintain aspect ratio (so I might resize to 11x11 and then crop the width to 8.5). I don't know if that helps at all.

All the papers on the site should be large enough to print on A4 without being blurry. How are you preparing them to print?

If you are using Photoshop 2020 (I think 2019 also had it) in the Image sizer there is a drop down menu in 'resample' area ... choose "preserve details" if enlarging .. it's powerful and awesome and will help fill in any missing pixels .. you can also enlarge using this rule: 10% enlargement, then another 10% enlargement plus once more at 10% enlargement ... don't be tempted to just enlarge by 30% because it won't work smiley