After downloading templates....

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After downloading templates....

Do I need to save the .png files it comes with?


Only if you need it or want to smiley I do so I can preview what files I have downloaded. As a png will show a preview of itself whereas psd's and some other file types won't. I hate having to open a file just to see what it was lol.

Sometimes I save parts from the pngs for future use just not the basics.

the png files are for those who don't use PHOTOSHOP (psd) or can open tif files. The png files can then be used by their software program and be layered. I usually only download the tif or psd file and then make a jpg file for the preview.

Thank you, I definitely use PNGs all the time, as I don’t have photoshop or similar x

I love that most designers include the tif now as this has always been my preferred format for 2 reasons. It's easy to use in PS and much smaller in size if it's been saved properly while still having all the layers in tact. And the other being I can see it in my thumbs within the windows folder format. smiley
THANKS so MUCH!!! to all the designers who spend the extra time including all these formats so we all can enjoy your work!. smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

I use png files often. I appreciate all the extras the designers include also!

I'm slow getting rid of all the extras. I used Digital Image Pro before so I used pngs but had PSE so I could convert a psd file to individual png layers if I needed them - and save for web. Now that DIP is no longer supported, I don't need them, but can always convert a layer if I need to.