Amazing Scrapbooking Deals

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Amazing Scrapbooking Deals

I'm not sure if there's a thread for this...or if maybe it should be posted under the freebies? Though it doesn't really fit there either. Either way, I wanted to let people know that Just Jaimee, Mommyish, and Miss Tiina have teamed up via SugarHillco. to release their retired kits. For $20 you can access 400+ PU and CU downloadable digital scrapbooking products. Along with that, they'll be adding more releases each month. The bonus is that there's no expiry! Talk about an amazing deal!!

Here is a link to Miss Tiina's Pinterest page that lists all of the goodies that are included. and Here is the Confectionery link at SugarHillco.

I purchased the membership and am thrilled with all of the goodies that I've downloaded so far!

Wow! I think I may have to look into this. It sounds like a very good deal. Thanks for the heads up!

I totally did this! I am beyond amazed!! Thank you for sharing!

I was a member in 2011, but mine expired sometime in early 2012. smiley I never renewed... but it was definitely an "awesome" deal at the time when I had it and there was only Miss Tiina, and no where near that many items. smiley so definitely worth it even more now!

Shawna, that surprises me because I "bought" a membership to the Confectionery and it shows that the expiration is in 25 years? And they only say 25 because they have to put an expiration in. I have downloaded soooo much! I love Sugarhillco and the CU stuff is amazing....lots of styles!

@Janet: when did you originally buy yours, I think I originally purchased it the end of 2010/early 2011? I may try emailing Tina and ask her if mine can be updated to lifetime or maybe if I log back in she may have changed my status but as of last year (early 2012) I no longer had access. I haven't been there in such a long time because of health issues from last March to November, so who knows. smiley I just don't have the funds to pay again especially right now, still trying to pay off the hospital for my out of pocket max on insurance last year and already started this year off owing it all over again, uggggh insurance is such a love/hate thing you know? smiley

@Shawna, I just bought it in the last month. But I would definitely email Tiina because if the cost was the same I would suppose that the length would be the same. It is well worth the cost especially for CU items! Love that Mommyish and Just Jaimee have joined in too!

If I was more hardcore into digiscrapping, I'd be all over this. What a great deal!

I just checked this out and paid for it. Dumb question but after paying the $20, do we still have to pay for the items in the store or are they free?

@Charlene I had read somewhere that what the Confectionery is offering is "retired" items. Anything in the store you still pay for but anything in the Confectionery you download directly from the forum. And they are separated by PU and CU. Tiina has the most product there but Mommyish and Just Jaimee just joined her so we should see more of their products. They also said that each designer will have new things every month - at least one.

@Shawna- I don't remember the date but I was a member for a year like you then she decided to make it lifetime so for like $5 or $10 more we could upgrade. I chose not to at the time but after DSD, she celebrates her designerversary so she had a one night flash sale for $10 for lifetime so I signed up. I was so wagging my tail whe I saw mommyish and just jaimee signed on.

As a side note, I am proud to bear the distinction of being Jaimee's first CT member and she was the 1st designer I CT'd for...

@Janet and @Charlene- Confectionary items are separate from the store. Many of MissTiina's contributions are retired items. I have only downloaded the CU from mommyish and Jaimee... maybe I need to check out the PU too...

I'm wondering if mommyish and Just Jaimee will be adding more now that twopeas is changing, and getting rid of their digital?

I often thought about purchasing this membership too! Good to know so many people like it!

Yes, I'm guessing that Just Jaimee will be adding more. I know that right now she has a big retirement sale going on at her site. That said, I'm not positive.

Is there a way to see before buying?

Thank you!