Anyone else scrap exclusively by app?

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Anyone else scrap exclusively by app?

Anyone else scrap exclusively by app?

I scrap exclusively on my iPad using affinity photo and sometimes Over app. Anyone else an app scrapper?

I am also an app scrapper. I use Project Life on my iPhone and iPad. I've completed so many layouts over the last couple of years, sometimes it boggles my mind. I do bring in outside journal and filler cards since I already have them through purchased kits. I love the Free Form Text for journaling options and decorating the pages.

Non-app related, I do use my Scrapbook MAX! program when I want other options for layouts or quick ones. I've been using it for about 15 years. Photoshop Elements also plays a part in some of my layouts.

I do use the apps (project life and over app) but not exclusively. Did you see that there we’re somebody new free kits on the project life app?

Sometimes I play with the project life app on my phone, the tight text limitations with apps bum me out, so I really do not use any seriously. I love the moleskin app idea and wish it was better.

Yeah I know what you mean. I printed some project life stuff and was very disappointed with how the text looked when printed.

After that I just used PL to place & select the photos and then finished the layout in photoshop or over app.

I use Over and Affinity on my iPad. Love both apps!