Anyone have some suggestions...

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Anyone have some suggestions...

I am doing a memorial album for my nephew who died last year, at 14. I want to celebrate his life and tell his story so that his younger siblings and others can enjoy his story.
Is there any ideas that people could share with me for themes, layouts, etc? I would really like to have as much of him and his personality, life etc covered and have it as a unique look into our loved one and his big heart...
I would love some title ideas, journaling ideas.... photo ideas, anything would be a great help!
I am doing both digital and traditional scrapbooking and a journal too...

I am new on here... so just my first time. Love this site!

Thank you, Terra

Terra, I'm sorry for your loss. It's especially sad to grieve for someone so young. I'm also trying to memoralize a life remembered, for a much older person, my 78 year old brother-in-law, and would appreciate any tips on how to go about it in a positive way.

@Terra: We just lost our 12 year old nephew to cancer a couple months ago. There were some very special things I enjoyed at the wake that might come in handy for your purpose. They had his 5 little best friends all get up and talk and share some of their favorite memories of what made him so special and unique. There was a video with tons of photos of him from friends from his school, different sporting events, musicals, plays, etc. (you could make a pocket for the CD or DVD to add to a layout) They also had two of his favorite teachers speak about him. One was from first grade and one like fourth grade. They had his "favorite superhero" in balloons all over the place, one of the friends talked about why his superhero was his superhero. The played 3 of his favorite songs at the funeral. It was such an awesome thing to see all the wonderful things we knew to be him and the things that made him live such a happy and full life. Good Luck with your album. I know the family will find it very healing ans special to their hearts. {{{huuuggggs}}}

@Harriet: I think for yours, you could add different layouts of some of the stories people remember the person telling. I know my FIL was always telling us stories about this or that growing up, high school, his short lived military career, his days of smoking and what made him quit... things like that would make great memory pages. Good Luck with your album too. smiley

Sorry for your loss. Take a look at the pictures you want to use, the information you want to include. Than take a look at what was your nephew's favorite color or colors. What he like to do, etc. This should help you create a color scheme for the album. As to the pages having the left and right pages with the same theme looks great. When turning to the next two pages there may be a different theme. It is the flow of the book and how it feels and views. You have a lot to work with.

I agree with Judy about having the two open pages be the same theme - it makes things look more fluid and complete - and also with using his interests to inspire a colour scheme.

When I got married, there were pieces of paper handed out to all our guests and they could write us well wishes or advice (or whatever) and then we collected all the papers at the end and kept them in a box. You might do something similar by having people write out something about the young lad: a story, a fond memory, who he was to them, why they loved him, draw a picture, etc. (Make sure they're using archive-quality paper and pens so the papers aren't lost with time, and have them write on only one side so you can adhere it to a physical page since you're doing a physical book, too.) This way, you can have something in the handwriting of the person who is sharing the memory. (and you might have each person pick out some pictures of him to put on the page, or on the opposite page, with their note - pictures of moments they spent with him or pictures they really like of him, etc.)

I would also see if you can embellish the albums with things that belonged to him. Like, did he go to concerts or movies and keep the ticket stubs, did he doodle or write stories, etc? When I was in high school, I used to keep all kinds of things: the key to my first car, old student IDs and licenses, movie an ticket stubs, fortune cookie fortunes, confetti from events I went to, school pictures of friends, doodled notebook covers, etc. It added a nice texture to my scrapbooking and really encapsulated my interests.

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's such a terrible thing to lose someone you love, especially someone so young. But maybe your project will help others cope during this time and remember him better in the future. smiley I think it's really fantastic that you've decided to do this!