Anyone here do "Project Life"/"Life 365" style scrapbooking

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Anyone here do "Project Life"/"Life 365" style scrapbooking

Hi, I'm new here & was looking to connect with others that do "Project Life"/"Life 365" style scrapbooking. It's the first time I've committed to scrapping long term. Haha, I have way too many things I'm interested in.

I'd love to look at other layouts & connect with scrappers for inspiration & best practices.


Well, I can be challenging to keep up! But here are my first few weeks! I scrap one week per two pages. And the kit I'm using is my own, "Everyday" collection (sold at Wilma4Ever).

Thanks for sharing. I really like your layouts for weeks 3 & 4. I'm kinda used to the layouts with "cards" & it's nice to see some different options.
I'm so behind! I have bits & pieces done here & there.

Take care

I sort of do this in my paper scrapping, but... I don't really do it 365 days a year. It's more of a two page spread of major events through-out our year type thing. LoL Say 4th of July or Family Reunion or Weekend at the Beach. I just like the ease of being able to use so many photos quickly and without too much thought on my part of one special time frame. smiley Sorry, I don't have any of them scanned to share.