April 2020 Lockdown Challenge Progress

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April 2020 Lockdown Challenge Progress

Have you started your Lockdown Challenge? Let us know how things are going!

Details on the challenge.

How to use the new goal tracker.

Also: join us to hang out and share what you're working on in our new chat room

My goal for the next thirty days is to make a variety of layouts in different formats. Today I tried digital travelers notebook. I also want to try printing this finished spread out and putting it in my notebook.

My first LO for this lock down challenge. I am going to post all my April LOs in this post - Just so this thread does not get so long with everyones posts and LOs. I hope that will be OK?

This is in Istanbul... 1/30

Cappadocia, Turkey 2/30

Venice La Serenissima 3/30

Languedoc France (number 1) 4/30

Paris France 5/30

Salzburg, Austria 6/30

The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt 7/30

Languedoc France (Number 2) 8/30

Moscow, Russia - 9/30

Chefchaouen, Morocco - the Blue City 10/30

Dubrovnik, Croatia - The Scars of War - 11/30

Split, Croatia 12/30

Sibenik, Croatia 13/30

Baska, Krk Island, Croatia 14/30

Here's the first page I made for the lock down challenge :

My goal for this challenge is to work on one page a day. I originally wanted to say complete 1 page a day, but I've been having technical difficulties with my program. I actually completed 4 pages today, and I'm going back to work on a few more. I'll be posting my pages to the gallery. Good Luck to Everyone!

Here's my second layout...

I'll post the next layouts in the same spot, like Robynne did. Hope it's ok.
Layout #3

I have been sick, so didn't complete the challenge for a few days... I might try and catch up or just pick up where I left depending on how I feel.

So adorable!!

I've gotten 3 layouts done since this started! (It helps that I sliced my thumb pretty badly, and therefore can't sidetrack myself with my other craft hobby. smiley )

I seem to have started on a side goal, though... I started editing photos from a trip that I took in 2007, but never finished the paper album. I want to start over doing it digitally. Thankfully, I still have the journaling saved on my computer from when it was all fresh in my mind! I'm wondering if I can design my own kit to do the album with. I've never done it before, and think I still have a lot to learn about how PSE works, so we'll see how this goes...

@Becky: I've also been inspired to start a "side project" which may take over everything. I have a few years that remain undocumented, years in between when I paper scrapbooked and started doing my digital pocket pages. I've finally taken the plunge to start making photo books for these years. This includes the year that Jordan and I backpacked around Asia and Europe, so just that year will be a significant undertaking. There are a lot of photos.

So - silly question - if I forget to click "yes I met my goals" yesterday, can I still go back and check that box? Or if you missed it, you missed it?


Judging by the gap I have in my widget, it looks to me that if you missed, you missed it. It does seem to go by the clock on the computer you are working on. I was able to check off one of my days at 11.45 PM so I just made it.
Of course I may be wrong in not knowing how to go back and fill in the gap, but I am going on current anecdoctal evidence. smiley


That's what it seemed to me too. I usually go to pixelscrapper as I'm getting ready to scrap, not necessarily as I finish for the day so this system might not work for me. Live and learn smiley

Jordan is considering making the option to tick for yesterday as well, since I think a lot of people are like you Teddy, including myself. Currently I've been ticking the box as I get started doing something, because I know I'll forget later in the day. It seems a bit like cheating though, so I'll encourage Jordan to update the widget.

Gosh this is such hard work!! OK I have managed to make one LO per day so I am still keeeping up - but as for adding them to this thread - well I am several days behind on that... OK - so here are some more Layouts

Capri, Italy - 15/30

Positano, Italy - 16/30

Pompei, Italy - 17/30

The Vasari Corridor in Florence, Italy - 18/30

Cinque Terre, Italy - 19/30

Petra, Jordan - 20/30

Machu Picchu, Peru - 21/30

Stonehenge, UK - 22/30

Mongolia - 23/30

Antarctica - 24/30

Tiwanaku, Bolivia - 25/30

Taj Mahal, India - 26/30

Antibes, France - 27/30

Timbuktu, Mali - 28/30

Prague, Czech Republic - 29 of 30

Silk Road, China - 30/30

NOW I have completed the 30 day Lockdown challenge. I was one day late because I missed a day way back in April.

I am in NO hurry to do another challenge like that!! Creating one page a day is exhausting!!

I thought I'd pop in to say that I'm still going strong. My challenge is to leave at least 3 comments in the gallery (think I'm averaging more like 5 comments) per day. And to spend at least one hour scrapbooking everyday. It's been more like 2-3 hours, so Yay!

Keep it going, ladies!

Great Linda!