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@Lorien; If Marisa is OK with 'giving away' the previews before the 1st of April, I would love to see what everyone created thus far. Maybe we could do the same as we're doing in the weekly 'layout critique'? Give positive feedback on each others designs?

Yes, I could also use a little inspiration...I also have 2 papers...

Beautiful colors... going to have to make something.

Ok I love these colors.... smiley

She said yes.. so here are my little kit previews.. Loved this theme for sure...

Thanks for the inspiration and letting me be a part of this train.


Love the swirls in the flowers and all the fun touches to your kit... I can't wait to use it smiley

@Shelly, your kid couldn't get any cuter! I love love love it! smiley

Thank you both so much sweet ladies~!! So glad you like it.
I can't wait to see how you interpret it... {It's gonna seem a long way away til April 1st smiley

hugs to you both and again, Thanks so much~!

Shelly, your kit is great! I really love the swirly-centered flowers and the branch. It looks very professional! This is my first so I'm feeling really insecure. Are there any others out there who felt/feel the same way? I'm thinking I need to just "jump in" anyway.

okay, I'm gonna try and post my previews. (We'll see if I can do it before letting the blog go live.)

I didn't put all the monotone blocks or journaling cards in the preview. Also the previews have shadows added. I did supply BOTH a shadowed version and un-shadowed versions of the honey jar. Otherwise I left the elements to be shadowed by user, since sometimes I shadow differently depending on the layout.

I only did 5 papers, I wasn't pleased with the others I tired...so I just focused on the elements.

Excited about sharing my work for the first time.
Hope these previews encourage and inspire more folks to join us. I loved seeing ALL the stuff from the Feb Retro Kitchen.

oh yes, Lou Anne! Join us! I'm nervous about it still, but if you want I'll hold your hand as we both jump in!

Shelly, I really love your peaceful bird and the swirled journal piece!

here's my part! so fun we may show them earlier!

This is my preview, its my first contrib to a blog train ever smiley

You all are doing wonderful!! I am starting mine tonight...soon.

These are all wonderful! I've been away from my computer for the last week. There may be a way to design on an iPad but I don't have that skill, so I'll be glad to get home in a few days and start designing my first kit.

Love them. I'm excited for this blog train!
Here's my portion

Ohh You ladies ALL did wonderful jobs~! It's all going to come together so cute

Lou Anne... Thanks so much....yes... jump in... you'll do great, and be sailing along before you know it {{{hug}}}

Thanks again for all of your kind words...

Laura.. all so cute...I especially love those blocks and cards~!
Dana... your kit is most adorable...cute little bees for sure~!
Saskia... love the elegance you have in your kit~!
Jenn... always wonderful... looks fabulous~!

I can see that I need to add the Pixel Scrapper Logo to mine...

Great to see all of the previews~!

I'm getting excited to hop on the train. Those previews are outstanding. smiley Here's my part. I added the frame that I did for the designer challenge (that's why I didn't show it in that thread).

Wow Cat... super cute~!!
where did you get the quality checked button? I would love to get one


Can anyone point me to reading up on quality checking?

...where did you get the quality checked button? I would love to get one


I made it myself. smiley The hand and the check mark are from the Windings font. I used the character map to copy them and then pasted onto my layout.

Can anyone point me to reading up on quality checking?

Check out these threads at Stuff to Scrap. There's some really good information:


I also have an action that Sugarbutt graciously had up as a freebie and it works great that checks a lot of things. You might also want to read this quick little article. It helped me...


Thank you Laura! Yours looks great. I love the cardinal.

I just looked at all of the others too. Wow! I can't wait to download them! Mine is going to be very different compared to everyone else (my life story) but I feel so supported by this talented group.

Thanks Cat, I saw Sugarbutt's freebie, but I use GIMP. If anyone knows about anything for GIMP, post a link? I'll see if I can figure out how to do this manually in GIMP. I've not figured out how to do anything like actions in GIMP yet either. I need to though, it takes me way back in time 25 years to when I was working in the Computer Support while my Hubby went to Seminary...I taught the secretaries how to make Macros.

I searched google for "pixelscrapper forum quality check" to find the threads where this was discussed before as well. Always something more to learn. smiley smiley

@Laura, unfortunately, PS actions won't run on GIMP. There have been a few GIMP plugins developed to handle PS actions, but they don't really work. I'm sure there are tutorials out there that can show you how to create a script/action in GIMP so you can do your quality checking. The first place I would start would be the community at OpenSource.

everything looks so amazing, can't wait to dowload them all!
Saskia It's also my first blogtrain ever, feeling nervous for sure!

Thanks for sharing everyone! Maybe now I'll get something made...

Wow, really awesome parts!!

@ Cat... Ahhh ok Thanks for the info... much appreciated.....I'll have to make one.

I use an action for quality checking as well, but it's for PS as well. {sorry, I don't know much about gimp}

Have a wonderful day everyone~!!


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