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@Tina that was a good idea! I should try that next time. smiley

Looking great everyone!!

I cannot wait to use these kits!!!!! smiley smiley

This is my first paper set.

This is my first elements set. I still have some cleaning up to do on a few elements.

Looks fabulous~!

I have a question:
Do you create a code for the blog roll?

This designing stuff can be addictive. Here's some additions to my kit.


You have all made such beautiful things, I will try next month, I don't think I can finish my part before april 1st.

You have all made such beautiful things, I will try next month, I don't think I can finish my part before april 1st.

You can put up what you have. It doesn't have to be a full kit. Even if you made a few elements or a few papers, that's plenty. Its more of an exercise for designing rather than how much.

All I was able to come up with is an alpha. It's been a crazy month!

I am so excited about all of the beautiful things people are making. This is a great way to learn how to make kits.

@ Jessica

I agree with Cat. Even if you have only ONE item that is terrific! We'd love to see and use it in our layouts. Your one item could be the missing element that could be exactly what I am looking for when I create a digi album with these kits.

Shelly Roy wrote:
I have a question:
Do you create a code for the blog roll?

No. Marisa creates a topic where everybody posts her (well, the only "him" which is playing seems to be my hubby, that´s designing with me) preview and either a link to her blog or the downloading link in case this person don´t have a blog. We have only to post in our blogs the link back to the forum topic, so we help to raise Pixel Scrapper´s visits and show our readers where to get all other parts.

Here's mine

Loving all of the kits that have been posted so far! I'm still quite a ways from being where I'd like to be...but I'm sure I'll get things together before the deadline (fingers crossed). smiley

Seeing all these beautiful previews! Can't wait! Good luck Janet

Wow Jill, I love your part!

ahh.. Thank You Lorien.. I will get the hang of it smiley

Thanks Saskia! smiley

here's my portion!

looking forward to the train rolling out of the station! your previews are wonderful!!!

My poor HD... you will make it full smiley

Well, my paper pack is ready, and I am in the middle of the way with the elements. Maybe I´ll finish them this evening.

Getting so close to April 1st. Yay! I finally got around to putting up my part of the blogtrain (except for the download links ofcourse), so I can share in the preview-party smiley I love what I have seen so far, I'll try to give some feedback in another post. But for now, the previews:

You girls have made some real creative stuff! smiley

OK, here it goes. I tried to comment on everyone's previews, if I missed yours, it wasn't intentionally!

@Shelly: Wow! Your kit is so full of fun, I can't wait to get my hands on it. Fell in love with the circles paper already.

@Laura: Did you use your own photo's on the journaling cards? What a great idea, they look gorgeous.

@Dana: Yay, I love grungy papers. And you have eggs!

@Saskia: I can see myself using this kit in lots of layouts - so versatile!

@Jenn: A frangipani flower!! And I can almost smell it! …and that puffy bird is awesome.

@Cat: You're preview is beautiful, you really put thought into the layout. The little (felt?) bird is sooo cute.

@Denise: Feathers! What a great idea. Love the swirl of feathers on the bottom of your preview.

@Kaleena: Great first try, your papers look really professional.

@Jodi: Such a cute little baby! And your flowers really pop off the page, lovely vibrant colors.

@Harriet: I thought your first kit was good. But the second one is great! The trellis is such a creative idea and I really adore the flower borders you made. You will be high up on my download-list!

@Tina: I love the elements with the birds, your word-art and the flowers. Hmmm, that's pretty much everything smiley

@Sharon: You're papers are beautiful, I really like how you blended the stripes on the far right one! It's a little hard to make out the elements with the papers behind them. Do I see a lace frame tucked away there? I am definitely going to take a closer look at your kit, it looks lovely!

@Lou Anne: Your previews are on the small side, so it's hard to tell, but did you watercolor your (bottom) papers? If they are digital, my hats off to you, it looks very real!

@Brandi: We needed an alpha around here. And this one looks yummy!

@Jill: No fair, you are obviously a pro already smiley Nice and versatile kit!

@Emily: What a fun kit! This will be perfect for kids layouts. I love your alpha. Makes me want to make one too (next time smiley)

Thanks for the feedback Melouise.

Great work, everyone! I love how many people there are in our community here who are excited to make & share things with each other.

@Melouise: Wonderful idea to post our previews early! It totally motivated me. I thought I wasn't going to have time to make anything for this round, because of school & the fire & being ill & general life busyness. But I sat down this weekend and the creativity started flowing, and I ended up having a great time! So I'm really glad we had this preview-preview because it definitely inspired me.

I made my first art journal page a couple of weeks ago. So for this blog train I decided to try making my first art journal materials. Same as last time, there's lots of stuff and lots of previews. This is a little peek, I'll have bigger previews on my blog when the train goes live so you can actually check out what you'll be getting.

Thank You everyone... for the kind comments~!!

And I must say "WOW~!!" the previews are wonderful~! I just love the kits you ALL have... it's going to be such a fun and mega collab... the layouts are going to be so fun to see

Melouise... you are so sweet~! Your comment to each one of us was so thoughtful. Thanks sweet one~!


Melouise....you are too sweet! Loved reading all of the comments!!! So happy to be a part of this train!


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