August blogtrain ideas?

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I agree that those colors are awesome! I even love the names of each color. Hiking/camping/great outdoors would be a nice contrast to the back to school every other group does. I really enjoy participating where we can slip in some nature.

I think Lorien's 2nd colour scheme would work well for the camping/hiking theme. If I get a chance tonight, I'll take a look for some colour schemes...

I still LOVE the palette that Marisa suggested whatever the theme is. I am so sick of oranges right now it is not funny-seems that in the last six months this has been what everyone has included!

I'm just goofing off at work for the last 10 minutes was looking at some colour schemes. What about a beach theme? I saw some beautiful colour combos. I'll post them when I get home. I also some some really nice ones for a camping/hiking theme as well.

I love the idea of a beach theme!

Yaaay x10 for a beach theme! Love the beach and also had the most fantabulous trip taking my bestest friend through some of my favourite spots in southern Africa which were very beach inspired, so it would be so brillo pads (brilliant) to see a beach theme here!

So here are some of the colour schemes I downloaded. Sorry, they're a little crude, but its Monday and I just got home from work...




peggy's cove


beach bum



These two could really be for either:

dock of the bay

carribean sea

I downloaded these from I got lazy and couldn't do anymore jpegs, so I just exported them from my colour schemer program as gifs (the small swatches). I can get the hex codes if anyone is interested or if we end up using one of the swatches I can export it as a photoshop .aco file.

What do you think about this pallette?

Could work for Camping/Hiking (Outdoor Adventures Theme) or
Beachy Keen

Love this last one Michelle. From the other list I like camping breeze and carribean sea. All so pretty

If the theme is beach Cat´s scheme called blues is, in my opinion, perfect smiley

I love them ALL!! This will be another tough choice no matter what theme we go with smiley

@Tina, totally agree with you! Love them all as well.
But if I must choose, I'd go with one of the seas/beaches.

I love all the ideas, but I feel like a beach theme could be awesome- I'm doing my June challenge with a beach/under the sea vibe and I love the beachy/summer kits most of all; Both of the colour palletes Lorien suggested could work amazingly well with it!!

Where I live in South Africa, August is the windiest month - and the last month before spring so a beach theme will get me excited for the spring and summer to come!

One theme I'd totally love to see (although it might not be fitting for a blog train) is stars and galaxies - I think it could be gorgeous - but maybe not relevant for everyday scrapping...

The poll is up, go vote!


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