Awesome Sites To Complement Pixel Scrapper

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Awesome Sites To Complement Pixel Scrapper

I'm sure that everyone reading this would agree that Pixel Scrapper would have to be one of the best digital Scrapbooking sites on the net. (If not THE best!) But there are also a lot of other awesome places to hang out. One of my personal favourites is The Coffee Shop

If you click on Free Stuff, you will discover a mind-boggling array of things you can download to help you with your digiscrapping.

So please, PLEASE, make sure you check it out -- I promise you'll be VERY happy you did!

sounds great, Robyn! will check it out!

Thanks! I also really like They have free stuff as well, and a lot great purchase stuff for not a lot of cash!

and every Thursday they have a 99 cent item from each designer and this year they recently started a 50% off sale on items which they've never done more than 33% before. smiley Here's the specials link for today, I think it expires at 6am on Friday mornings?

Thanks! I also really like They have free stuff as well, and a lot great purchase stuff for not a lot of cash!

Soooo true Robyn smiley I agree smiley and the actions on coffeeshopblog is very good - can't believe its free either. So grateful for Pixel Scrapper, everyday there is something new and amazing to learn and see sooo many great talents, its brilliant

I love the CoffeeShop blog! It has been one of my favorites for a long time. I found this site recently:

She has many free layer styles that are so fun to use.

I just clicked on your link, Mindy, and WOW! The Scrappin Cop looks incredible! I'm off to explore.....

Thanks for the tip, looks like they have lot's of advice there.

I just came across what looks like a fantastic site

I haven't downloaded anything yet, but I have seen a lot of cool stuff since I've been browsing!

2 DAYS LATER: This site is officially brilliant!

I like this site as well. I have downloaded some papers from them and used them as the covers on photobooks.

The coffee shop is an awesome site ... they share actions as well

Here is another amazing site I recently came across, with a HUGE amount of unbelievable textures, all absolutely FREE.

I've been using Rita's (Coffeeshopblog's) actions for a few years now. Photography was before digiscrap. She is very generous in her goodies and her terms. smiley

I am constantly amazed by the generosity of these designers; they have no hesitation in giving away what must take them many hours to do. A VERY generous community!

I use coffee shop blog for over a year now and i agree with everyone here. It is an amazing site. I discovered few days ago this site: it's full of backgrounds and textures and more.

I'm going to check out all you recommendations, Thank you for sharing them with us.

Thanks for the links

Wow, ladies!
I am off to investigate. Thank you so much for sharing your resources.

Thank you

Thanks for the great links everyone

I love the Coffee Shop!

smiley Thank you for the links, I appreciate it.