Baby Theme Blog Train Challenge

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Baby Theme Blog Train Challenge

I hope this is the proper place to post this, if not, would someone let me know where to post? Thank you.

My youngest son and d-I-l are pregnant for the first time and we are all thrilled. I would like to challenge a baby theme blog train using a traditional soft color layette with sweet babies in different positions. Crib, changing table, rocker, baby room toys, etc. would make wonderful additions. Expecting mother, expecting parents, and new baby word art would also be great.

I know I’m asking for a lot, but I also know that the talented designers that jump on board our blog trains are up to the challenge. Thank you in advance for doing this.

I actually thought of doing this some time ago when a good friend of mine had her baby. I never got around to doing the kit but have collected quite a few ideas along the way. I wouldn't mind giving it a try. I don't do very well with pastel colors but because it would be centered around babies, that may help me get over this fear of pastels I have, lol.

Glad to see I sparked some interest. I suggested pastels because to me they are traditional for babies and I love the soften of them. I just saw a couple of baby layouts using Marisa's Amsterdam kit, they are wonderful and not pastels, but richer colors.

@Marie, have you seen my Tiny, But Mighty bundle? It may contain some of the things that you're looking for. That said, it would be fun to do a blog train as well! smiley

I've got this from a blog train on another site...

"Little One's Lullaby" Blog Train Mini Kit

And this, too!
"Little One's Lullaby" Date Frames

And I think I even have way more items for the kit that I never published... smiley

Janet, I have downloaded the solid colors from these kits, but I have not really looked at the whole bundle. Thank you for the information. I will go take a look.

Thank you, Tina, I do not do much viewing over at Wilma4Ever, but I will try to check the site out plus the kits you suggested.

I'd be interested in participating in a baby themed blog train.

@Marisa! Here's June's Theme! smiley
I too, have been looking for baby stuff, and have collected some freebies, as well as purchased a few things as I donated a digital scrapbook for a fundraiser last fall, and the lady who got it initially wanted to do a book for her grandson, but she hasn't given me the photos yet. I would be cool with a baby blog train!

Rose, thank you for your interest. I hope it happens. -Marie

Great, Julie, if we getting enough people interested maybe Marisa will make it happen. -Marie

Hi Marie! The June blogtrain Idea thread just went live, so go support the baby theme:

I'm doing the same right now smiley

Also, Harper Finch just had a niece, so she's offering some baby things, too, under the "New Beginnings" kit:

Hi, Melo! thank you for the info. I rushed over to that link and posted. It was very nice of you to provide me with the information and the link. This was I first time to post on a thread about upcoming themes and palettes. Thanks again, and have a great day.

Thanks, Tina, I will pop over there:

Cute and fun stuff. Thanks again,

Marie, I plan on selling my full kit for the Blog Train that goes live on May 1st over in my store at Wilma4Ever, but wanted you to know I saw baby blues and pinks in some of the stuff I made! smiley

Also, I have some Easter items that I just added to my store that have great shades of pinks and blues, too...not "baby", but the colors are great...and the items are generic enough to be used anywhere!

Thanks, Tina.

Tina, thank you, the slide show is great. The polka dotted frames, paint splatters and butterflies really catch my eye.