Best Photo Paper?

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Best Photo Paper?

Wondering what others have been using for printing their digital scrapbook pages on? 13 X 19 wide format or 12 X 12? Has anyone used the paper that comes in the roll format? Red River brand (less expensive professional quality) or Epson? Others? What gives the best prints most inexpensively?

I can't speak to the large format printers, and I hate to admit it, but over the years, I have found that paper brands that match the printer brand works best for me. I always looked for bargain paper and ink... but in the end, ink and paper work best in corresponding printers. That has been MY experience.

You must be doing a lot of printing to get roll paper! I'd like to know more! I usually send mine, 12x12, off to an online service. I have tried several and have one I like the best. I rarely print them now though, as we are having fiancial struggles.

On my large format Epson R1800 I used the 12x12 matte finish paper. It's cheaper and once I put the prints away in the top loading sheets, they looked shiny enough. smiley I can't remember for the life of me now how I had to make changes since it's been a while since I last printed them but I do remember some difficulty/frustration in what or how to print to the edge fully (full bleed, I think it's called) without losing too much of the layout itself. I found that the 99 cent prints through a few sites seem cheaper when they do a sale vs color ink cartridges and paper purchases and less headache for me. smiley
Some of the sites I heard do around that same price too are: ScrapbookFlair, ScrapbooksPlease, ScrapGirls, VioVio, and AdoramaPix