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Best Scrabooking Sales Website

Is there a "best of the best" scrapbook designer website for sales? Is there one sales website that is the best one with the most sales? Is there one site where designers set their sites on and try to get to that level? I hope I'm being clear...that's why I'm restating my question. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the best website for designer sales?

I'm familiar with sweet shoppe designs, gingerscraps, withlovestudio and the digi chick, but I'm sure there are others. I'm fairly new to digital scrapbooking so I'm not sure.

What is your favorite place to purchase scrapbooking kits and templates?

I have no idea what I'm talking about (since I'm really new to digital scrapbooking) but for what it's worth...

Here are a few additional sites where I've found a really nice selection of designs/designers:


Thanks Ladies! smiley

Erin, as you peruse the sites above, and any others, sign up for their newsletters. THAT is the best way to get notified, in your inbox, that one, or more, are having specials and/or sales events. Every shop I know of has a newsletter!
Another way to learn of the 'good' sites is to visit a blog of one designer you like. Then, have a look at the side bar on their blog. The 'Friends', 'Blog Roll', or 'Faves' lists are usually very good indicators of who else you might like, as well. Links! Check links to sites! You can find some real gems!
Happy hunting!


Thanks. I guess what I was looking for was really the BEST store with the highest sales for designers. I was just wondering if there was some site out there that was the holy grail of designers. Personally, I feel like the designers at the Sweet Shoppe are my favorite.

I'm always marveling at the Sweet Shoppe designers too. They are my favorite for mainstream scrapbook sites but Scrapbook Graphics has a nice array scrapbook artists too : if your style is not quite as mainstream. Manu is one of my favorites there.

I have no idea which site brings the highest sales for a designer. I've not run across that info either but I'll probably always fly solo anyway. smiley

Can't wait to check these out.