Birthday Present For My Mum

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Birthday Present For My Mum

I just made Mum's birthday present today smiley


I'm going to frame it in a very simple black-edged frame. I think she'll really like it because she adores elephants - but I think she'll bawl her eyes out smiley when she reads the quote, though!

I used one of my papers from my Renewal bundle, and used a stroke on the photo (I just learned how to use strokes!)

That is really cute. What a sweet gift. smiley

Awwwwwe Robyn .... but .... you want to make your mama cry ????? smiley smiley ..... she will absolutely love it

I don't have a clue what strokes are in relation to photos...but THAT is one awesome "card" for your mom smiley She'll love it smiley (And I think she'd cry because of how special it is, not just because of the quote!)

It's absolutely lovely. I'm sure your Mum will love it.

How precious, Robyn! I'm sure your mother will be very pleased.

That is so beautiful, Robyn! I'm sure your mom is going to LOVE it!

What a great gift! I think your Mum is going to be thrilled to get it smiley

It's her birthday today, and I framed it and now it's up on the wall! She really liked it! smiley

YAY!!! Knew she would smiley It's beautiful!! smiley Happy Birthday to her!!! smiley

Thanks, Bethlyn! smiley

Wow! So pretty! And inspiring!

Robyn, it's so are so talented!. I love looking at all your designs...

This is so sweet. Glad she loved it Robyn!

Loving thoughts from a very LOVING daughter... you're just GOOD.

I love it!

Thanks for all your kind words, ladies. smiley

Thank you, Robyn. My mama died in 1992. I can still feel her influence in just those ways. Hug your mama hard, love her well, and forgive her easily. Mamas are truly a blessing, mostly realized when we can no longer hug her. May you always be a blessing to each other!