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Looking for advice on how you go about the clustered layouts. Are there any specific points that you think of when you start. Mine always look as though things have just been dumped on the page if you know what you mean.

I would start with a template that has lots of clusters. Once you have more practice it will become easier. Still I love to use templates!

Thank you. I have tried a few but just wondered if there was an order to follow. Mine never come out looking like the ones I admire by someone else.

Michele: try creating a flourish or curved line on a bottom layer, an S curve or a rounded L or something else that attracts your eye and build on that. That's how I started and very often if I find my cluster doesn't look quite like I want it I will go back to that. The curving line helps the cluster to flow the way it should and then practice, practice, practice smiley


This is a great topic that we've discussed a few times. I am going to post a few links here for you to check out and then lock this post so we can keep the information "kind of" centrally located to those threads. smiley If you have a more specific question someone didn't answer, please feel free to ask for additional information in those thread posts.

Here's one called "Clusters, Clusters, & More Clusters (various discussion)
Here's some tutorial type stuff Marisa shared (tutorial resources)
Here's one on How-To make them (discussion by Lorien and other PS members)

I hope that gives you some good direction and assistance!

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