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Color Palettes

I don't know where to post this ... can't find the old topic but I know a few members were thinking about this before.

Is there a gallery or a place where to find the color palettes?
I know, Marisa has a gallery for the blogtrain color palettes on Frickr, but I think it will be great to have a place where to find the color palettes she and the other designers used for kits/bundles. (There are also a few color palettes here in the graphics section, but these are a few years old.)

Sometimes I miss a single element or pattern paper and like to design it by myself (and yes, I'm really picky when it comes to the colors). At the moment I use the colorpicker tool but this works not really well on items with texture or when the color is not really solid.

Is there a reason why the color palette is not included in single kits oder bundles? I'm just wondering because in almost every blogtrain download the color palette is included ...

Yes, I know the most people won't need a color palette for the scrapbook page designs, but sometimes it might be helpful. My photobook software f. e. let me pick my own color for a solid frame or a solid background.

I don't usually include the color palette with my regular kits because there just hasn't really been any interest. The PDFs that are included in my print kits don't use texture, so you should be able to grab whatever colors you need from there.

Thank you Marisa, this is a really good idea. I usually don't use PDFs ....

Like Gonda, I would love a color palette place smiley

I always thought it a good idea to have a palette place also; in fact, I use to include them with my kits, before I came here, to Pixel Scrapbooking.

Let me just add this:

For All/Any Members Interested In Color Palettes That Coordinate With My Designs: Pop me an email or message and I'll be happy to provide the ones you request. smiley

I have recently learned how to generate my own pallets.

A color pallet would be very nice.

That's a handy thing to know but wouldn't it be easier to receive the actual, most accurate, palette used by the designer for their particular kits that you may download?

Yes, in every blogtrain the color palette is included. So why not in particular kits or bundles?