Coloring Grey Scale Paper Templates

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Coloring Grey Scale Paper Templates

Hello all!

It has been a while since I did a lot of digital scrapbooking, and I've forgotten some basics.
I've downloaded a fabulous paper template with the hopes of making it multicolored, but I'm not getting the look I want.
How can I select different areas of the template to color each area differently? I use PSE 15.

This is the template I'm trying to color.

Thank you so much for any help!


Bear in mind others' methods might be different from mine.

I usually color greyscale templates (mine or others') one of two ways.

The first method is to just put a color layer above the template, with your chosen color in it. To do this, add a new layer above the template. Fill it with the desired color, and set the blend mode in the drop-down to "Color."

The second method is to turn the template into a few overlays with different modes applied. To do this, first add a new layer below the template. Fill it with the desired color. Then duplicate the template layer once. Set the blend mode of one template layer to "Multiply" and the bled mode of the other template layer to "Overlay," and play around with both layers' opacity until you get a look you like. You can also change which of the two is on top, as that might affect how it looks.

In either case, when I want to do more than one color on the template, I actually just use the brush tool directly on the color layer (trying to use more than one color layer can create some weird blending issues; if I want to save what the color layer looked like before, I duplicate it and hide the duplicate layer in case I need to revert changes further than the History palette will allow). Select the additional colors you want to add, and an appropriate brush tip for the coloring you want to do (hard, soft, large, small, shaped, etc.) and brush the new color in.

This works for shapes, too. You can either use clipping masks or layer masks to constrain the recoloring to just the shape itself.

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Karen, there is a great Tutorial section here that you want to check. It really is a mine of information. Your question is answered here or here. HTH smiley

Thank you both so much!
I'm off to play now, I'm feeling confident!

Amanda- I am gonna have to play with your second suggestion- have not tried that method yet (at least not intentionally) smiley Gonna go play with those ideas. Thanks for sharing!
I agree that the tutorials are great Bina!

Christine, I know I've seen the trick using the template itself as a multiply layer and an overlay layer as one way to apply a creased paper template to something. It's what gave me the idea to try it myself, and I find it works well for some things.