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commercial use


I looked for this subject, but could not find.

What are the Terms of Use on commercial use products?

Hi Beverly, welcome to the digiscrap forum! There is a link to the "support pages" in the right upper corner of Pixelscrappers' Homepage, explaining pretty much everything. CU items can be used for any commercial or professional use which generates income or profit. There is more on this subject right here:

But Beverly note: that Melouise is referring you just to the TOU for PixelScrapper (Marisa Lerin's) products. You didn't say if you meant in general through digital scrapbooking as a whole or specifically for here. The CU TOU can and will vary from designer to designer. Just wanted to make sure that's clear... We don't want to mislead you that a CU TOU for everyone is the same across the board as ours is here at this website. smiley