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I was wundering if you guys know other sites like pixelscrapper that offers commercial use kits without any restrictions and is affordable? I'm making a collection of garden decoration posters for a company, so the layouts are going to be produced and sold in shops in Holland. There is a lot of good stuff here but I would love some more options.


I like sugarhillco for commercial use products. There are a couple different designers and each have their own TOU but they are easy to follow and don't have crazy restrictions that you see on some TOU's. They also have a few good sales a couple times a year & their new products are on sale the first week (or 2) that they are out. The store owner, Miss Tiina, does a great deal once or twice a year where if you spend $20. on her products you get a $100. coupon to use in her store on a future purchase.
Another part of their site (that I just stumbled upon a few months ago - but I think is a gem) is the confectionery club. It is $20 for a forever access pass and currently has 459 CU products (and 150+ pu) from designers Miss Tiina, Just Jaimee & Mommyish. Here is a pinterest board that shows what products they have in the club.
Hope that helps!

Another good resource to look at is Creative Market. They have a lot of different types of resources and very reasonable pricing.

I'm with Bre, I get most of my commercial use products at Sugar Hill Co, I just love the variety of products that they have smiley
I also buy templates from That Girl Designs, I love her work, and they are affordable smiley

BEFORE you spend hard earned money, please be careful with Commercial Use products.
The majority of the designers at Sugarhillco would not fall under the use you described for a couple of reasons.
1) When you purchase their product it is licensed to you only for the purpose of creating a finished product to sell to a customer for his or her own personal use. What you are describing is that the company you would be creating for would also be selling the finished product thus not personal use and possibly on a grand scale.
2) The majority of the designer's terms of use state 'you may not create wall art or home décor without written permission'.
To avoid unintentionally violating the designers' terms of use, always email them to ask if your particular design idea falls within their specifications. They work awful hard at what they do and deserve the courtesy check.

Thanks for the replies! It's very difficult to find a site where the rights are as simple as here at Pixelscrapper. Especially for the purposes I need them for.

Marieke ... Judith is right .... contact them .... they may even allow you to use their product if you ask them first ... depends on the designer .... less worry, more art smiley