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Creating Elements

So, I am starting to get a little more time as the summer is winding down, so is work, so today I was reviewing the May: Element a Day challenge, to try to start from the beginning of creating elements. I have no issues with creating templates or papers, and can do simple/intermediate patterns on paper, but really stink at creating elements. I made some brackets today, but found the version of GIMP I have doesn't smooth lines without a script, and I'm not good with scripts. So I'm curious how other people start(ed) with this. THanks! I know there may have been some resources posted somewhere, but not sure where those are.

I have used the shapes in PSE and have downloaded shapes from deviant scrap. There are also tutorials around the web. Basic stuff for me, but I am still learning as well smiley

There are so many kinds of elements and so many techniques for making them, that it's not an easy question to answer. The main way I got started with elements was I'd look around for ones I liked and then try and recreate them myself, googling specific techniques as I went along. Just like what we did in last week's designer challenge.

Specifically for making brackets, I often just use ones from a font. {} () [] Ready to go.

I didn't even think of that, how simple! I found some tutorials, and got some ideas from where to start. Part of me wants to learn the nuts and bolts, and the other part just likes to play with templates.