Creating Sketches in Photoshop Elements

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Creating Sketches in Photoshop Elements

I really like the sketches created by PageMaps. How can I make my own in Photoshop Elements

Hi Vickie! I'm going to move this over to the software specific forums so you can get an answer quicker. smiley

I guess it´s the same as creating a template, but them you paint all layers white, or apply black and white simple textures, and then use a stroke in each of the layers in a way their contour appears. You can try doing it with a layout you already made, picking the things that are simply squares, rectangles or circles, painting them and applying a stroke, then substitute the elements for placeholders (in case of buttons they can be circles made with circle tool, in case of other elements you can use photoshop shapes, use one of the assets you find here in PS under "shape masks" (you can find then clicking on "templates" on the top of the page, then you click on shape mask on the left column, under "type of template" subtitle ) or buy a template maker kit from a commercial use store (the ones I use are from Karen Diamond and That Girl). It´s important to not use the actual elements unless you´re really really sure that their TOU allow this kind of use. Then, you recolor and apply strokes when needed, flattern the layers and save as a .jpg.

But I have a question: If you can have the full-editable template, already layered, why should you want to use/have/offer just the sketch? I used the sketches only till I realised that there are templates and that that your life is really easier with them. If I´m paper scrapping and want to use a template, I simply open it on my notebook and keep following it as if it was a sketch - with the bonus that, If I want to try changing places of something I can try the placement on computer before doing on paper... Then, if you don´t want to use the .psd you can save it as a .jpg before start working - some of the designers even include a full .jpg or .png on the template packs, or you can use the pack preview...

I agree with Lorien.

In PSE is there a filter that finds edges. Finding the edges creates a sketch.

In the guided mode in Elements 11 you can do a pencil sketch or you can use the sketch filters but I'm never very happy with any of them if the image is complicated. You would have to try them to see which one works for what you are looking for.

Here's an example Susan of what she's referring to. It's more like layout sketches not sketches of photos. smiley

And here's the PageMaps Archives of tons of them. smiley

Ahhh says the blind man .... funny me .... I didn't go to the site to look at what they do ....