Crediting designers and blog train question

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Crediting designers and blog train question

Hi! It's been a long time since i've scrapbooked, and I've forgotten how some things are done. I know when you post a kit, you give credit to the designer and tell the kit name. Curious about blog trains and collabs, though - how does that work? How do you credit those? Do you just use all the designers' names involved? Say that it was the Pixel Scrapper blog train and kit title and/or date?

Are these blog trains meant to be used together and treated ultimately as one kit? For example, when you store them on your computer, do you tend to store them together in one folder or separately? When there's a larger color palette, not everyone chooses the same palette, of course, and not everyone has the same style - just curious how people treat this.

Thanks for any feedback and ideas! smiley

I think everyone organizes kits and scraps differently. For instance I rarely use 1 kit for a LO, so I usually list each item and the designer. If i use more than 50% of my LO is from 1 kit, I will actually attribute that whole kit, then list off individual non-kit items separately by designer.

As for the blog trains here, again, depends on how you organize your scrapping supplies. I do most things by designer or store and PU vs. CU.

To make it even crazier smiley our up coming blog trains for the months of July-September (as a sort of experiment for our community) we will have 1 large color palette and then about 4 themes per color swatch, so then there would be 4 themes each month but all in the same colors. So depending on if you organize by theme or colors or by designer, you'd have to decide from there. I think most designers are just happy to see their names and be acknowledged. However you choose to do it should be fine!

Thanks for the thoughts, Rachel!

p.s. I LOVE your designs! Every time I see your name pop up next to a design, I already know I'm going to like it, even before the image appears. smiley