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Critique - Golf Kit

Hi all - I am pretty new to all this digital scrapbooking stuff, but LOVE to design. I've been playing with a golf kit that my husband asked me to put together and was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving some constructive criticism. I'm looking for critiques along the lines of the kit as a whole - if designs and elements seem to flow, too many of one thing, not enough of another, ideas from a scrapper's perspective. There's 7 solid papers, 10 pattern papers, 3 foil papers, 50 elements consisting of shapes, journal cards, tags, frames, etc., word art and a full alpha set. If you were to use these items to put together a layout for a husband/boyfriend/grown-up golf page, would it work for you? Don't worry about my feelings, I'm not that sensitive. Thanks. smiley

Preview Pic:

KitPreview by zoenanai, on Flickr

From the preview it looks like you have a good assortment. That's what I look for. Not just 5 buttons in the 5 colors if you know what I mean. I'd definitely use it!!!

It's lovely Amanda! Very versatile and very big too. I wouldn't change a thing!

The balance looks good. The only thing I would want is more texture.

I love it, it's very darling. smiley

Thanks ladies.

@Marisa - would you mind expounding a little? Like...textured elements? Thanks. smiley

From the preview both the elements and the papers look a little flat, which is fine if you're going to print them out on your home printer to use, but for digi scrapping I know I at least look for things that are textured, otherwise it just doesn't look "real" to me. We've got a bunch of good textures here to get you started.

Thank you! smiley

I think its a lovely kit Amanda! I agree with Marisa, textures will give your kit that something extra. One of my favorite elements in your preview is the golf ball because you can see the divots in the ball that make it look real. smiley

Also you should totally make a girl golf kit.

That's too funny Catherine... Great minds think alike! smiley

I was thinking she needs to add some girly golf colors. smiley
and... my favorite element was the globe golf ball!!! I want one in pink or purple. LoL

Thank you Catherine & Shawna for the feedback. My husband was quite impressed with the golf ball. He wanted to try to order a real golf ball like!

And have your pick:



LoL... Thanks Amanda! I think I'll take one of each. smiley

You're welcome Shawna.

And thank you all for the feedback. It helped a lot. I revisited the kit and think it's def more appealing now. It's so hard to keep it contained lol! I did dump quite a few things though. Have a great weekend. smiley

Golf Galore Kit Preview by zoenanai, on Flickr