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Designer Classes, Tutorials, Etc

This is a question Paula Kolarik had in another thread that may not get seen by you ladies, thanks for helping her out. I've started this NEW thread so that when people (newbies) are curious they can find the answer easy. I know we've talked about it in other threads but couldn't find the answers you lovely ladies share with each other too easily. smiley

Hello all! I am ISO a place or somewhere that teaches digital scrapbooking design? Also, are most of the designers here self- taught? Or did they learn fro, specific people?
If anyone needs to pm me at: digiscrapdiva @ email. com [remove spaces, of course] smiley

Thanks in advance

This is the response I gave her so if some of your information is in one of those threads it would be great if you could transfer it to here! Thanks Again for your help ladies!!! smiley

@Paula: I'm going to start a new thread within the digiscrap forum of your request.
The exact link to the post is here. I recommend you comment in it so that you can see people's responses up at the top where you get notifications.

Also, I changed your email up a tad because for your own safety to prevent bots from getting your email address and spamming you, it's not a good idea to list it in forums. A lot of us put spaces or underscores and then say "remove the spaces" that way a real person has your address but not a bot trolling the internet. smiley

I know we've talked about this subject a few times before, classes people take to become better designers, etc; but I couldn't find the exact thread looking back about 5 pages so here's one Marissa started about Digital Scrapbooking Classes, Tutorials, etc for Recommending and another about I would like to know how to do these things that I did find in the meantime for you to peruse.

There is a class at Scrap Orchard that Chelle's Creations teaches.

There is also designer mentoring at Scraps N Pieces.

I'm self-taught. I look at other people's designs that I like and figure out how to make similar things, and then use those skills to build on. I read a lot of tutorials online (oh boy can it be frustrating when I can't find the right words to Google in order to track down the technique I'm looking for!). The tutorials here are great, and you can request a tutorial from Marisa if there's something you're particularly wondering how to do.

The blog trains are also great practice, I think. As long as you get your quality control down first and foremost (there is a thread in the blog train forum called Practical Pointers that will help you learn how) you can just experiment, make as little or as much as you like, challenge yourself to make different things, stretch yourself. The design challenges here can be great for that, too, although they might be a bit advanced for a new designer.

In the Scrapbook Campus, I have several classes:

Master Classes are usually about 45 minutes long videos (downloadable) and an illustrated guidebook about 20-30 pages long. There are currently 27 classes to choose from (and some bundles)

The Creative Scrap course, shows how to create papers, effects, elements, textures, etc. using all the native tools and commands of Paintshop Pro (less expensive than Photoshop). This is great for designers and scrappers too. This course is ongoing, with one new tutorial/technique every week.

I take Chelle's class, I've learned so much!

Wow! Thanks for all this helpful info!

Thank you Shawna! I appreciate all the info and starting a new thread for it! I've been out of the digi world a bit due to some extreme dental work but I'm checking back in! smiley

@Paula: You are so welcome and you might find this more recent thread with a lot of discussion about Designer Mentors helpful for yourself, too. smiley Good Luck and glad to have you back at PS!