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Digital Scrapbook Inspiration

Hi everyone!!

I feel like it's been so long since I've been here. I have to get myself reintroduced to everyone again! So, I haven't been around at all lately because I was dealing with some family health stuff. I'm exhausted but finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I really want to start digital scrapbooking again, I have so many new photos to scrap but no motivation to start. My question is what do you do when you want to scrap but just opening the computer gives you anxiety??

Thanks for any suggestions!!

Hello! Nice to meet you. I don't think we've met. I'm new-ish around here.

Happy you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! When I find I haven't scrapped for a while, I usually focus on one challenge to get me started again, and I find if I can complete one then that often gets me on a roll again. Speaking of which . . . I should probably go look at the challenges . . .

Hi Rose!! I'm Melanie! I'm on Marisa's creative team. I was always here for about 3 years, I had to take a break to focus on some family health issues, but hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of me around!!

Teddy, thanks that's a great idea! I really miss doing challenges!!

Hello Melanie, Welcome back!

I´ve not been digiscrapping for a while too smiley, and sometimes just being on the computer trigger anxiety crisis, or something like that. So, what I do is a 2 or 3 day detox of computer or of social networks. In the second case, I can access the computer and even open my browser, but I won´t enter in any social network. This usually makes me focus on reading, writing or designing...

Sometimes I open photos and start placing on a page. Gradually papers, elements come to mind and slowly it all comes together. It also helps me to leave the page for a few days. When I return I have a fresh perspective and things fall into place more quickly. The challenges also provide a good starting point.

Hi Melanie, welcome back! I hope everything falls into place soon to you and you feel the happiness in scrapbooking again. I know I had a real hard time getting to open my scrapbook software but eventually I felt that desire again! smiley I'm glad to see you around again.

Hi Melanie! I am brand new to digital scrapbooking, so everything about it gives me anxiety LOL! Back in my doing physical scrapbook days, when I lost motivation, I would work on my music journal. I am a music fan to an extreme degree and I actually keep a yearly journal to get all the thoughts, feelings, and art that music creates in my head, out of my head. There's something about that very free-form of just doing whatever comes to mind that seems to free up the blocks for me.

I have had the same anxiety feeling in the past: so many photos, so little inspiration... I start by opening blank pages (or templates) and just fill them with the photos I know I want to use, maybe even add a little journaling. Then I close the computer and start adding some papers here and there another day. With little baby-steps I fill in my pages over the course of a few days or weeks - somewhere along the line, inspiration finally kicks in and I can finish the pages. Sometimes I end up throwing away everything I have picked in the first run, which doesn't matter because I only did it to spark something. Good luck Melanie, I hope you find your mojo!

Happy to see you back! smiley

When I lose motivation or lack inspiration I sometimes do what the other said about starting a tiny bit, closing it, reopening it at another time, adding a tiny bit, closing it, etc...

Or I'll find QPs that I really like and just put photos in, even if I don't plan to print or use them in any way. Just having a completed page to look at is sometimes nice and builds my confidence, even if all I did was add photos smiley I also tend to notice a thing or two I'd change if I had made the page myself, which then sort of sparks a bit of my creativity again and hopefully I'm able to build off of that.

As Melo said, I will also use templates and just pop stuff into the places until I'm happy whether it's all in one sitting or not smiley Of course, I start super basic as that tends to be my personal scrap style anyway, but it's less overwhelming to me and pages are completed quicker smiley

Great to see you back. smiley I think I know what you mean and I focus on a one photo a day approach where I take one pic each day and write down something about each day, then later I can scrapbook it because I have all this journal for the photo. I usually take some sort of a grid, they always work for me. smiley

great to see you again, Melanie! i go through my albums, recalling the fun/and sometimes not so fun moments i had and they make me want to scrap again.

Thanks everyone!! I guess I gave in to my anxiety, because after 1 layout I gave up for a bit. BUT, I'm determined to get back into this. I love scrapping so much and don't want to give in to this!!

I'm currently going through a block for digi scrap, I open a page and place a few photos and elements on it but as I keep going it feels as if nothing works out or that I'm not making a nice, beautiful layout so I feel very frustrated and end up throwing everything in the trash. Reading that I'm not alone makes me feel a bit better, so @Melanie thank you for opening this discussion and thank you everyone for sharing your experiences!

@Melanie and @Federica I am with you both..I am on a designing block. I was going so fast and things were just coming to me then it seems like a block has come over me. Doing these layout challenges have given me a new passion for scrapping again by far, but I seem to be giving myself anxiety over little things. How to store things? Am I getting to much and not going to be able to keep stuff straight? Do my layouts look good? All these are questions I have had for like 2 days and I am trying to figure out where to go next...just glad I am not the only one here. Because I am like you @Melanie, I refuse to give up on my scrapping...also nice to meet you and glad you're back...big hugs to all