DIY Paper Clips

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DIY Paper Clips

Have you seen the prices for the fancy paper clips? You can easily make your own with puffy stickers. I made these small one for my Memory Dex Cards. 27 stickers for $3.99

And super easy washi tape paper clips. Anyone have more ideas? I'd love to see them!

You could do ones similar to the washi tape ones using lengths of ribbon tied to the end.

Also similar to the washi tape ones--file labels, the price tag stickers for jewelry with two round/rectangular tabs connected by a thin section (you usually see these wrapped around necklaces/bracelets/rings), or glued paper

Tied-on types: ribbon, raffia, yarn, lace, torn fabric strips

Stuck/glued/hot glued on: stickers, flairs, jewelry settings for flat cabochons, millefiore beads, craft foam cutouts

Split/slice a slot into the shaped erasers and slide on with a little glue

Tiny Sculpy figures

Your samples are FANTASTIC!!! smiley