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I bought a new laptop about 2 years ago and basically started over on my digi supplies. I still have a lot of my older supplies on the desktop I used before that. I transferred a few favorite things over but mostly I am just using the newer stuff and never really miss the other stuff. I should go back and delete a lot of it one of these days. I do try to be careful and download only things that I love and am sure I will use but I still have tons of stuff!

I think (or at least for me) when we begin digital scrapbooking we do "hoard" all those freebies we find out in the community. As we grow as a scrapper, I think our tastes become refined especially as we find our style.

In the beginning, I did gather lots of freebies but I've since weeded them out of my collection. I do still download freebies as well as purchase kits and other products, but I'm more selective. I think to my self - how good is this and will I actually USE it. Just because it's free doesn't mean I need it.

Same here. I have a lot of old files I never used. If I stumble upon them it could be that I delete them without worrying. I need the place for some new assets! smiley