Do You Prefer One Element Kit? Or Several?

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Do You Prefer One Element Kit? Or Several?

Do you prefer to have all the elements for a bundle in one kit, or do you prefer to have them separated by type (tags, paint, word art, etc)?

One giant kit.
50% (55 votes)
Several separate kits.
31% (35 votes)
Don't care.
18% (20 votes)
Total votes: 110

for my pages i prefer one kit geant smiley smiley

I use the Photoshop Elements Organizer to catalog my digiscrap stuff (separate catalog than my photos). So I just like everything in one folder so I can quickly tag it. When I later do a PSE search I'm not going into individual folders or needing to see folder labels to find stuff. The more folders there are when I unzip a file the more hassle it is. I like to see everything all at once so I can do a quick scan first and delete anything I don't want to keep (such as I don't like real busy background papers since I want the focus to be on my photos).


Separate, because there are often things I would never use, so I don't bother downloading those parts.

I agree with Marcy.

Ultimately it doesn't matter but for blog trains and large kits, I always create sub-folders for the bundle to separate items for easier finding. Typically, I end up with about 12-15 folders, even my papers get sorted into 2 folders, one for patterns and the other for solids/textures. I keep all of the designers previews, tou and contact info in a folder as well. It keeps me organized and when I know I want leaves to add behind a flower, I don't have to go looking through 6 different kits to find what I'm looking for!

Hmmm, no matter what I seem to break the elements up by subject--after sorting by PU/CU. For instance paper templates separate from papers so that I can quickly find all CU paper template choices when I want to play with them. Or all my CU bear images when making an artsy composite. Papers I tried separating by color but it got overwhelming so now I just separate by print, solid and fancies/stacked. Hope that helps someone...

I don't care : one giant zip is fine by me but so are several zips by type smiley

voted for I don´t care because I don´t download kits, only individual ellies...

one giant folder please - and thanks for asking!

I'm with Marcy too

I prefer one large kit; it's much easier to see everything there is at once, which works much better for me that individual folders per kit.

I prefer one large kit as well. It makes it easier to match items when doing a layout although I also put items into separate folders so if I'm looking for ribbons I can find all the ribbons in one folder.