Do you purchase digital products from Etsy?

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Do you purchase digital products from Etsy?

I was just wondering if anyone had any favorite Etsy designers, who sell digital scrapbooking items.

i never purchased any digital scrapbooking items on etsy at the moment, but i follow harper finch (imharperfinch) on her blog and who knows ... it may happen a day ...


I have and it was a very positive experience. I have purchased from Clementine Digitals and Pink Pueblo

Other resources I buy digital stuff from: Creative Market and Graphic River

I haven't. It is one spot that I have not explored at the moment.

I have, but that was quite a few years ago. It was easy and I had no problems with downloading my files.

I joined Etsy only to have a jewelry designer make me a special pendant... My husband wanted to get me a mother's birthstone ring, but I convinced him to do a pendant instead as I don't tend to wear rings (wedding rings is enough for me). It turned out quite cute - an engraved tree with "flower" birthstones hanging on the branches (one for each member in my family, rather than just my boys).

I've bought from Harper Finch - she's a rainbow kinda girl, and so am I smiley also loved her wood block alpha... was really easy process, she just emailed the download links after the purchase went through. I think there's a way you can set up an automatic download, but she doesn't have it that way. or at least not yet smiley

I love ETSY...I've purchased lots from there but only 1 digi kit and I was NOT happy with it, it was a couple years ago. But then I've purchased digi kits from other places I've not been happy with I try to stick to places that have QC.

I have a few things on Etsy, but when they expire, I'll be taking them down.

After browsing through the digi stuff on there... it almost seems as if anyone who can't get into a more established digital store just throws their stuff on Etsy. Some of it is wonderful, don't get me wrong! There's just so much junk to wade through.

That's making me sound like a snob - I don't mean it that way! It's just hard to find the gems through the rocks.

It seems to me like a lot of it is more geared toward hybrid scrapping than actual digital. A lot of paper and not a lot of elements.

I have purchased several items on Etsy. Some of the vendors I have bought from are paigeandbrooke, SimplyKellyDesigns, azredhead. I found some really unique designs from GracefulGraphics.

Usually when I go to Etsy for digital scrapbooking, I am looking for a specific item or theme, and haven't found something I liked on the digital scrapbooking sites. Some have been pretty basic designs, but I have been satisfied with all my purchases. I agree with Marisa -- not a big selection of elements.

Oh, I love Etsy! I have not purchased any digital scrapbooking items however. I wouldn't be against it though. smiley

Even though I've seen some awesome looking crafts and decor on Etsy. I haven't yet made a purchase that way... It usually has something to do a little with the pricing of items or feeling like the shipping is overpriced.

As far as digital items, it would have to be someone I had previous experience with their quality before I bought there, I'd be too frustrated otherwise if I paid for something that didn't measure up. Just my two cents.

I've purchased digis from Octopode Factory.

I am a mixed media artist i addition to scrapbooker. I've bought lots of digital clip art there. I found one of my favorite digital paper kit designer there, although she sells solely on her website now. The only other thing I've searched on there is for Disney themed stuff. There are other websites I favor much more often - here included smiley