Do you use a cutting machine?

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Do you use a cutting machine?

Looking for some info from the cutting machine users. If you use one please let me below what machine you're using and what file types you prefer to work with. Thanks!

I use the Brother Scan N Cut. Great machine. It not only uses digital items. It will convert files. You can print out elements on a printer, scan it into the Scan N Cut and it will cut the elements out.

It will also do outline drawings with the pen option.

I have the Cricut Explore One myself. I usually just work with pngs so I dont need any special file types. What I do is create a file with my pngs and then have Cricut turn it into a "Print then Cut". I'm rather new to the cutting world tho as I have had my Cricut for about a year or so. I mostly used it to cut out preschool projects and die cut letters/numbers. I have barely scratched the surface of it for scrapbooking/crafting.

I have a Silhouette Curio which likes vector files which I get by 'saving as' and then just cut away. It works like a charm with illustrator. The machine software accepts imports of all sorts like pdf format. It does lots of cute stuff like this:

I have a Silhouette Cameo. I actually bought a silhouette portrait and a few months later got the cameo. I love them both. I have the silhouette put away for when I travel because it is smaller and easier to take with me places.

I have a Brother Scan and Cut. I haven't used it a lot, but I love what I've done with it so far. I've printed digital elements or stamped items then scanned and cut.

I use a Silhouette Cameo (the first model) with the first version of Silhouette Studio. As it´s hard to share a .studio file, most of the times I get a .png and re-trace it on the software. A font file works great too.

I have a wishblade... which was one of the first ever out there... I had to save an old PC to keep an old version of windows on it because it got so outdated. LoL But since I spent almost $500 on it... I was determined to use it for as long as I could. smiley I want a ScanNCut2 but I'm saving up for it... I want the one that I can use with my embroidery files, too since I have so many of those from my embroidery machine.

Well, Marisa, you already know - but maybe if people have questions they'll find my post here.
I started out with a Craft Robo CC200-20 a couple of years ago, that was before Craft Robo was bought by Silhouette. I still have it sitting on my desktop to do "rough cutting" - deep straight cuts as in cutting out card blanks from heavy weight colored card stock.
For everything else I use a silhouette cameo 1st generation with the current version of silhouette studio designer edition and don't want to change over to a curio yet because that only comes in the portrait format and I have a Trouvaille machine sitting on my desktop, too.

I have a Silhouette Studio et I use these files : .studio3 ; .svg ; .dxf ; .png

I have a Cricut Explore Air 2. It can cut the following file types: .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .svg or .dxf

I have a Cricut Mini, so for now, I can't cut anything that's not specific to Cricut. I'm hoping to upgrade to their newer machine once I can save up the money.

I don't have one but I am looking at everyone's comments so that I know the product that might work best for me. I have sunday school projects every week that could benefit from a cutting machine.

I have a Cricut Explore Air. It can write, score, cut and print&cut, so I can use jpeg, png and svg files. I have been making 3D cards (box and cascade). I love that I can use my digital scrap supplies (like flowers, butterflies, birds, etc) to decorate my cards. I can also emboss since Ranger's Emboss It pens fit in Cricut's pen holder.

I have a silouette cameo and use .studio3,svg,png

I also have a Silhouette Cameo: .studio3; .svg; .png

I have a Brother Scan N Cut that I use fairly regularly for cutting out embellishments, letters, frames etc. I also have a Silhouette Cameo the previous model but I haven't actually used it since I got my ScanNCut. If I wanted to make a project that needed lots of cutting I do have the option of using both machines though unless I decide to sell it if I need to free up some cash (not to mention space in my craft area).

i have a Silhouette Cameo, use it often and love it! Yesterday I used it with the pngs from one of Janet's snippet sets to create a page of stickers for my daily journal pages. I prefer to print and cut digital ephemera so I can choose the paper thickness or make the small pieces into sticker sheets. Flairs and brads are fun to use too.

I have a Silver Bullet Pro. I use the program "Sure Cut a Lot", I can use SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, GSD and WPC. PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and TIF. I love my machine, it was worth every penny although I had to import it to South Africa.

I have a Silhouette Cameo. I use it regularly but not as often as I should, still need to dive into the print & cut feature.

I had a pazzel but could never make it work well so I gave it away. I have a cricut cake for fondant but have not invested in another one for scrapping yet. My sister has been trying for a couple years. She has cricut, silohette, gypsy all sorts of components.

I have the simple Silhouette Portrait, I like it a lot. I design SVGs in Inkscape and export them to DXF to load in Silhouette Studio.