Does colors really matter when making layouts?

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Does colors really matter when making layouts?

Sometimes the smallest disapproval from someone can make you restart a project from scratch. For example, a person may not like the color you choose to use on your design, so do you do the entire project over or do you give them ideas on how to implement your layout into their personal project?

Well I think go with what you like ...regardless of the colour scheme or what people think. My mother used to knit A LOT and when I was a teenager I used to chose different stitches, styles and parts from several different patterns and ask her to put those parts into one whole pattern for me. Then I would tell her the colours I wanted. At that point she would say ewwwww those colours are SO WRONG together! But she would make them anyway because I wouldn't be swayed. Several times I had people offer to buy them right off my back when I wore them! So as far as scrapbooking goes ...I would definitely do the same thing smiley Thats just my opinion and everyone would choose differently ...go with your gut.

I wouldn't change my whole project just because someone didn't like the colors, unless I was making it FOR them. But then if I was making it for someone else, I would find out what colors, style etc, they want before I even started on it.

I have to admit that when I'm working on a project, I will have to audition a lot different combinations, of color, elements, papers etc, before I decide on what I want to go with, but that is just the way I am... have to see ALL the possibilities before I make a decision.

Colors are pretty much the beginning and end. I have had several design "disasters" because I started out with the wrong colors. It's definitely something you want to give a few minutes consideration to before jumping in.

First I have to like the color palette I'm using, that way I can imagine how my layout is going to turn out, other wise my imagination goes away!!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you like it, that's enough.

the colors really matter to me, i can't start designing if i don't like the colors, they have an important effect on whatever i'm making..

I agree with Janae...go with what YOU like. Everybody has different style and design ideas. That's what makes art art and scrapbooking a great platform to express so much of yourself. Just because one person doesn't like your style or color choice doesn't mean that everyone else will have the same opinion. But...if you don't like it to begin with? I'd have to say no-go. It's like remodeling my house - I have to have a color or colors I love to even start feeling the remodel or style of the room. smiley

Colour is extremely important along with shape and balance, but at the end of the day if you are happy with what you have done, that is all that matters. Some people have an instinct for these things, some don't! I can spend ages getting the colours "right", but if you start with a colour palette it is so much easier.