End-of-Year Survey for Year-in-Review Books

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End-of-Year Survey for Year-in-Review Books

Anyone else here include a survey or a similar overview of the year when putting together a book? I generally just do annual year-in-review books, and I've decided to start including a little survey which provides a snapshot of some of the year's details. Things like favorite movies, books, music, etc. Anyone else do this? I have a small survey I made up for myself, but I welcome any additions. I've been surprised that I haven't found more scrapping blogs with ideas, so I thought I'd brainstorm/share here.

  • Favorite books read
  • Favorite music
  • Special accomplishment
  • Favorite TV shows
  • NEW tv show
  • Favorite movie [released this year]
  • Favorite place traveled
  • Life Lessons Learned
  • Special Bible Verses

I also found this "time capsule questionnaire" printable on Today's Mama.

I always want to do pages like this, but sometimes I have a hard time remembering....so last year I made a big effort to keep lists of everything, so at least now I have the info and just need to make the pages smiley.

I keep track of all my books read at www.goodreads.com
Movies, TV shows I track with Pinterest boards.
Music I keep track of in iTunes (I make a playlist for the year with my favorites).

Sometimes finally making the pages is the hardest part! lol

You make a good point that it requires a little prep or it's easy to forget by the end of the year. It would be hard for me to remember these details if I didn't keep a personal journal or a goodreads account. I also used ITunes to see which were some of my most frequently played tracks/albums for the year. Put all this social media to use!

i just saw a really cute idea this morning. get a jar and every day write on a little piece of paper something good that happened that day and put it in the jar. then on dec. 31 you go through it and you have all these good things to remember

@Shelly: That would be a great idea for Thanksgiving, too smiley

Adding to the list,

- A new favorite recipe
- Something someone did nice for you
- Favorite thing that made you laugh
- Favorite thing that made you grateful for family, Country, or friends
- Silliest thing you heard, did, saw, etc.

Hummmm.....So many things to think about! Fun questions. You are inspiring me to start my own Year Book