Ethnic Heritage Layouts

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Ethnic Heritage Layouts

I have been wanting to create some pages that highlight my Scandinavian heritage but it's hard to find anything useful that is specifically Swedish or Danish outside of Christmas designs. I have downloaded some interesting things, but most of what I find useful is low resolution. I have seen lots of Dala Horse, trolls and gnomes, and flags aplenty, but I'm also interested in finding backgrounds and elements that are more specific (National days, Midsommer, Krefta (Swedish Crayfish Party) and along with other icons.

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Lisa.

Here is a beauty. You might want to check the old blog train forums, I know that Kayl Turesson had a Sweden blog train contribution a couple of years ago (cannot recall the theme) that was absolutely magnificent. It was quite substantial, I am not sure if there are any of these in her store here in the commons.

Thanks, Bina. This will work well, I'll add it to my collection.


I've been doing a lot of crests and brads for various countries and cities recently. I have quite a few more planned and I certainly do ones for Sweden and Denmark.

Thanks Anne, that would be awesome. smiley