Favorite CU Fonts for making alphas?

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Favorite CU Fonts for making alphas?

Just wondering about what your favorite CU fonts are to make alphas with. I have plenty of CU fonts but most of them don't allow converting an individual letter into another format like png. Are there ones that are OK to do this with?

Hi Cindy,
Try to take a look for 100% free or Public Domain fonts, what do you think?
Something like this:
(The TOUs are quite good I guess... You still have to read them to be on the safe side though, but I didn't find one that was as restrictive as the ones you mentioned...)
I hope that helped. smiley

Most of the Google Fonts are safe to use for alphas, as well as any font released under the SIL Open Font License (OFL). GPL (GNU Public License) fonts with the Font Exception referenced are also free to use.

Of course, this means there are thousands of them available, which then comes back to "what ones do you like?"

I'd suggest making a mix of alpha templates that includes a traditional serif, a Bodoni-style hairline serif, a slab serif, a humanist sans serif, a geometric sans serif, and a playful font that would suit kid-themed kits.

Thank you Cintia for your response. I checked out your link and I found some I think I can use. I wish I could make my own because reading all the TOU can get confusing sometimes!

Thanks again smiley

Thanks Holly! I didn't know that about the Google fonts. I also like your idea of making a mix of templates, thanks for the tip. smiley

I'm glad I could help Cindy. Now if you own a tablet or ipad, you can easily make your own font. Just search the Google play or App Store for an app to do that and you'll be able to make fonts and/or dingbats in no time.

Good info- thanks!! smiley

GREAT info!!! I love my alphas!!!

All the fonts on fontsquirrel are free CU fonts, you might want to give this a browse.