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Thank you, Sheila.

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to make such an outstanding tutorial for us! I have instantly learnt a couple of things I wouldn't have figured out on my own. Like the blending options, those are still a mystery to me. Also, I was trying to apply the holes Style to the stitching instead of the holes... Makes more sense your way, hahaha!

Thanks Sheila, this will help me forward lots! I tried to make a hole pattern after ligning up didn't work, but I guess I just need a little more patience! BTW making a pattern doesn't work at all... smiley

It is so awesome that PS is going to have styles soon, yay! I use shadow styles and Marisa's glitter styles the most right now. A finer glitter option would be nice too, or a glitter style that we could adjust the color to ourselves.

Because it's winter... an ice or snow style would be awesome.

A style that looks like glitter puffy paint? Kind of like Mommyish's here.

I also like fabric styles, sweater, knit, fleece, felt, burlap, leather, canvas, denim, etc.

Label maker style to get those word snippets Marisa makes - would be cool for journaling!

And I second Tiffany's thin wire style!

Oh, a distressing style would be cool too. And a COOKIE style AND an ICING style!!

Are we going to have actions, too?? And tutorials to make our own styles?? Oh I am just so excited!

Okay, I'm going to stop now... smiley

@Catherine,haha...you sound like me, I LOVE styles:) Its funny that you put snow styles on here, I just finished some, AND glitter glue styles, but they don't look just like mommyish, they are more subtle and soft....I started label making styles a while back, but they are complicated and really need to be an action....I also have some wire and burlap styles already, and as for the rest, they are great suggestions and will be considered in the future for sure:) I will be putting them on here as time goes by:) Thanks for all the suggestions, I am getting a lot of great ideas!!!

Sheila!!! Thanks so much, looks like I'll be grabbing some of your styles and using them soon!!! smiley

@Sheila - You're awesome! You will bring about a Layer Style Renaissance here at Pixel Scrapper! Thank you for the tutorials. (I think what you did here counts as a tutorial, I assume what you meant when you said you don't know how to make them was referring to video tutorials. I prefer pictorial ones to video, but I think they're a lot more work for the person making them!)

@Shawna - I'm in awe that you do each and every shadow by hand. Yikes! I can't imagine it...You are going to flip out when you see how much time and aggravation shadow styles save! Here's a link to a Megan Turnidge shadowing tutorial that includes a download of her favorite shadow styles: http://www.designsbymeganturnidge.com/blog/?p=1437. I have these and I like them, although I more often tend to use another set that I got from free somewhere. I'll see if I can track those down as well.

Sheila, As everyone else is saying. That is a great tutorial and we all appreciate you sharing your layer styles. Thank you for all you do to help all of us.

OMG Sheilla, never thought on looking for other styles (apart from at the beach ones) on your blog - it´s a style-vaganza! Thank you so much, I´m downloading some of them. also, I´ll try to follow your tutorial as soon as I have a bit of extra time, thank you so much!

What I've done as a test in PSCS5 for stitching that seemed to work (but I didn't save anything because I was doing it at 4am and didn't think!) was to make my brushes on two separate layers, ie the stitch on one layer, then the holes on the other layer. I then hid one layer and saved it as a brush, then the other layer. That way you choose the same size and spacing on both brushes and it lines up. I haven't tried it for quite some time, so I can't guarantee it will work, but it seemed to from what I can remember from my tests - that was a couple years ago...

OMG Cat...Thank you!!! I am soooo gonna try this later:)

Violet- I do my shadows each time too. I tried those by Megan, and I love her tutorial. But I find that even when I use them I still tweak so much that it doesn't matter. So I do each by hand, especially depending on what color BG I use.

TIP: Did you know that while you have the fx pop up open to set your shadow, that if you don't close it out, you can just drag the shadow however and where ever you want and it will set it at those measurements?? In PS

@Violet: Thanks for sharing that shadow styles. I download and saved the link to her how to use them blog post. So hopefully when I try this in January it will be easy peasy! I look forward to the other set if you can find them. Thanks so much!

@Shawna, I checked and the ones I use most often are by Tracie Stroud. They must have been free at some point because I've had them since before I started spending money on scrap stuff (although maybe I did break down and buy a pack of shadow styles - I find they save me so much time and more importantly, many "clicks," which is good for my hands and wrists) but they are now for sale at Scrap Orchard. smiley

I too love layer styles and agree with Melo that many that you find online for free (esp from web designers) just don't seem to work well with digiscrap stuff (high resolutions). I actually have the Mommyish stitch styles mentioned above sitting in my Sugar Hill shopping cart...haha! I just haven't brought myself to buy them yet. So...a stitch style would be awesome! I smiley your wood and silly string styles. I esp use the string when I need a quick thread look on button holes. I just draw out the lines (each on its own layer) and apply your style, then simplify & change the color if needed, add a small bevel (or shadow) and voila! It works great.

I agree with some others on fabrics and textures. Other than the stitching, those would be most useful for me. Much faster than clipping. I use shadow styles as well but always end up changing them a bit to fit whatever I'm working on. Though they are great for a place to start. Esp for someone who might be new to shadowing, it gives them an idea of what types of shadows work best for certain items. Oh - and a grayscale option would be awesome too for easy re-coloring.

@Catherine Olson - cookies! LOL! You might enjoy these styles. I have many of his and most do well at high resolution.

Sugar: http://sonarpos.deviantart.com/art/Sugar-style-374994671
Ice Cream: http://sonarpos.deviantart.com/art/Ice-cream-style-331303584
Cookie: http://sonarpos.deviantart.com/art/style347-329191366

His gallery is here: http://sonarpos.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0

@Sheila, Can't wait to see your style creations when you get them on PS. smiley

oh my gosh there is a bubble wrap style! and I LOVE the sugar style... thanks for sharing!!

and ew i just saw a skin style... lol

Here are some FREE Styles by Shelby Kate Schmitz and there are about 10 pages there where you can find glitter and one that has 101 styles. You can Just keep clicking next and see what all she has.


Thanks ladies for the great styles!!

Violet, Amanda, & Brenda: TYSVM for sharing your great finds!!! smiley

Thank you

I second what Kiana said about shadow styles: I seem to be unable to use them, since I always want to twist. So, I end up shadowning by hand. However, what I do inside a layout or double page, is to copy and paste a layer style to other layers. Right clicking on the layer you find this option...

Yes, Lorien, I copy layers styles for same type elements usually, like all the flowers, all the buttons, etc.

I like to start w/the shadow style (I use Megan Turnidge's) and then will adjust the shadow angle and sizes (slightly). Then do the same, Kiana & Lorien, copy and paste it to all the other similar layers. It's so helpful especially when you have lots of papers on a page.

Yep, I'm with you Amanda. I usually end up tweaking almost every shadow (although there is one style for "rub-on," the very lowest one, that I tend to have great success with and leave as-is - I like my shadows quite small). What I like about the styles is that I can go through quickly and with one click slap a shadow on each item so that even if they're not exactly how I want, they are relative to each other in depth, which gives a great starting point for making adjustments and eyeballing things.

I will also be the first to admit that shadowing is not my forté, too! I just don't care enough to spend time on it that I could be spending on making new layouts... But then of course I get shadow envy when I look at beautifully shadowed layouts. smiley

This is pretty much what I do too. smiley

Lorien: I end up shadowning by hand. However, what I do inside a layout or double page, is to copy and paste a layer style to other layers. Right clicking on the layer you find this option...

Thank you for the information, Sheila. I hope you get your stitches and holes styles into the shop.

Whoa, I can't wait to go through this thread again (pressed for time right now!), but thanks for the styles, Sheila. I'm a PSP'er on my work computer, but a trial PSE 12er here at home lol. Can't wait to try them out.