February Blog Train Chatter & Questions

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February Blog Train Chatter & Questions

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until Feb 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

I'm looking forward to the hop and see what everyone created. I love the colour scheme. Hopefully, I'll be up to participating in the next hop. smiley

I was just thinking the same thing Cat as I was looking through the Blog Train thread a few minutes ago... Looks like some AWESOME goodies to be had. I can't wait to see more previews through tomorrow and get started... smiley

Finished my blog, it goes live tomorrow! YES! I can't wait to post up my preview, but I have to wait just...a...little...while...longer.... *frustrated* smiley
I have seen some very pretty things, guess I'll be downloading lots (again).

The previews are all looking good! I just posted mine. This is my first time participating in a blog! smiley

I'm uploading my portion to a server as well...is taking a while. smiley I'm loving the submissions as well though. Just love these blog hops!

just got mine all set up! i am totally determined not to procrastinate next time. i had so many ideas of stuff to add to it and didnt get done...oh well, hopefully everyone likes what i did do.

Everything looks so cute! smiley I thought long & hard about joining in, but decided to sit it out this time... Partly due to lack of inspiration and, well, I think my designing skills just aren't up to par yet... smiley About a month ago I asked one of my friends who does designing to critique my part of the Dec. Train... She told me that rather than do that (as the person that did that to her when she was starting out was quite harsh) she wants to help me improve what I had made... Very thankful for that. And thankful that she's so understanding about me taking it slow, as I don't have a lot of time to devote to this (kids & dr visits keep me awfully busy). So sometime down the road I hope to re-offer my part in here... smiley In the meantime, until I know more about quality checking, I think I should pass on participating in these blog trains... I don't want to offer poor quality items that people can't use & have them regret spending the time downloading it...

Lizanne, I know what you mean...it took me tons of time to do...way longer then I was expecting. I didn't have anyone critique mine...hoping to get feedback from people here. The nice thing about these Pixel Scrapper blog trains is that you can contribute as much or as little as you want...so even if you don't get to make every little thing you had in mind, you can still participate.

Everyone's contributions thus far look amazing! Can't wait for the official kickoff! I've never designed any sort of kit before so this was quite the undertaking. Really had fun with it though.

WOW! So many great gorgeous super creative kits already! Can't wait to start downloading!

I uploaded mine but since this is the first time I have participated here I have a question. Will there be a blog list of participants to add to my blog post? Or do we just direct people back to Pixel Scrapper to find the next link? Can someone please let me know.

Connie, I believe we just direct them to the "February Blog Train List" thread.

Hi All,
I've been sick most of the week. I teach my boys to share, but sharing their cold with me wasn't what I meant. Ugh. Anyway, I grabbed a cup of coffee this morning, along with a box of tissues, and started to download all the blog train goodies. You are all so kind to comment on things I've uploaded to Pixel Scrapper - which warm my heart - and in return - I wanted to make a point to say thank you to everyone that shared in this blog train. I also tried to at least post a "thank you" on your sites/blogs.

I downloaded, unzipped, and quickly glanced through your designs. Here is brief positive feedback smiley

Marisa - I love the overall texturing you used to "age" your kit!
Tina C - I'm excited about your wine papers - I also think they will go great with my grapes illustration smiley
Jessica - My favorite from your kit is the pattern paper 6!
Brandi - Your square borders are really fun!
Jennifer - I'm enjoying the bottle caps with separate word art!
Tina A - My favorite from your kit is the retro bowl!
Emily - Congrats on accomplishing your goals! I love your alpha!
Rachel - My favorite from your kit is the utensils paper!
Sunny - Sorry - I couldn't download, but I like the "approved" stamp from your preview smiley
Brooke - my kit was next in line smiley I'm my own worst critic and didn't get everything done I wanted to. I feel like I have a couple of different mini kitchen themes going on. However, I did do other designs with the same color palette, which will be uploaded to Pixel Scrapper in the coming weeks smiley
Shelly - Your simple subtle solid papers are great!
Janet - I really like all the gingham papers!
Melouise - My favorite from your kit are the circle frames!
Connie - My favorite from your kit is the pp2 paper!
Violet - I love all the journal cards (with and without the extra stuff) smiley

Some of you posted that you learned while designing and that it was maybe hard and took a lot of time. Yep, it isn't always easy to get just that right look you want - and even simple designs can take hours. But it's fun, right?! smiley

I forgot Lórien - your page wasn't up yet, but I think your cup and saucer on your preview are cute smiley
Hope I didn't miss anyone else??

wow i just went and got all the blog kit.. these are awesome. i hope noone minds but i have posted about this on my blog and also link to all the pages. blog

With so many talented people contributing, this will a great train. Thanks ladies.

Date: Feb 1, 2013

I originally had some bandwidth issues, but I resolved that and then put up an additional freebie to make up for the issues.......Thanks for the downloads, everyone!

@Brooke and all- just realised that that my link wasn´t right - Now I fixed it smiley Sorry for this problem smiley

@Karrie - Thanks for spreading the world.

Let me also "transfer" to this post some comments that where made on the blog train list post - which I´ll delete from there because that´s only for previews:

Harriett Humpries said:

"Brooke,Lovely muted tones. Thank you.
Janet, thank you. I love the word art and plaids.
Violet, what a lot of work you did! I love everything. Thank you so much.
All of these kits are just amazing. My download file is bulging. Thank you all for sharing your talents and time."

Also, Donna Curran shared with us some love:

"Thank you to all the designers for your gorgeous items!! I am going to LOVE using this kit!!"

And Heather Neal said:
"Thank you ALL so much!!! What a fantastic train! I can't wait to use all these goodies!"

Trine Secher said:

"OH MY!!!! That's what I call a success! I mean - it is not a blog train, it's along line of MEGA KITS. Thank you so much everybody


I am in the midst of downloading right now and will return with gratitude & comments but first I wanted to come and say Whoops! I guess I missed the memo on labeling everything starting with PSFeb13. It's a very smart idea and it will make it very easy to put everything together in one place. Sorry that my offering does not comply! I did take to heart the general labeling advice that got discussed after the Dec blog train and each of my pieces is labeled with my designer name and the kit title, etc. But next time I will pay closer attention so I can include the group ID code as well!

Off to download and unzip and roll around in awesome designs like Scrooge McDuck in a virtual money pile!

PS Is anyone else noticing a huge difference between number of comments and number of downloads? I have 8 comments and 50+ downloads for each set. I've seen designers mention this in the past but it's fascinating to see it in person. It makes me glad I do my best to take the time to leave a comment. Just seeing that things have been downloaded is also very gratifying, of course. I'm glad there are tracking stats!

The previews all look great ladies! I'm going to download a few things to finish up a page I'm working on.

Oh, and I'll be posting a challenge soon!

Wonderful kit Jennifer, thank you.

Thank you to all the designers for the great & generous portions!

@Violet, I've noticed that on blogtrains I've collected in the past. Sometimes you can see how many times it's been downloaded, and I'm always surprised to see hundreds of downloads and just a few comments. I make sure to leave a comment on any train downloads for that reason. I don't want designers to get discouraged & stop!

WOW!! THis may be my mostest favorite Blog Train ever!!! The nostalgic feel makes me want to use to with my older scanned photos and lots of other places too!!! You are all dear and sweet and I thank you for your generosity!! Big Hugs from Texas!!

smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

Thank you every one!! I feel like I won a big prize by getting all of these files as a sweet and generous gift from you lovely ladies!! I love love love this whole thing!! The theme, colors, papers, elements!!! Thanks ya'll with big Texas hugs!!

smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

Wonderful Blog Train!!! I am in the midst of downloading all the fabulous contributions. The papers, elements, alphas and such are so fun. I can't wait to star playing around with the kits.

Thank you to all the talented designers for sharing your creations with us!

Everyone did a wonderful job, love the kits

I am being a very slow-poke to download all the kits because I am unzipping right after downloading to comment more properly - and I am really in love with everything I´ve been downloading. After I download it all, I´ll try to reply the comments on my blog smiley

By now, I need to leave a comment for Jennifer Wagner, as there isn´t a comment form there: Jennifer, I can´t believe it´s your first kit - there are so many elements and papers, and they are so nice! I love your bottle tops, and the way you can use them with the wordarts - the wordarts are also fantastic. I´d like to have more kits desingned by you, keep going!

Thank you so much, everyone, you have definitely made a beautiful megakit out of this blog train!! I love all of the attention to detail that you have put in to designing your portions!! Those who said it was their first kit, you would never know that by the quality of your work!! I can't wait to use this super blog train set with my heritage photos!

@violet....you got me curious so i went and looked at my comments vs downloads. my part has been downloaded 130 times and i have 8 comments and i went back to the december train and i had about 600 downloads and 23 comments. i know for me personally i really appreciate comments. to see so many not commenting i wonder if my part was so bad that it didnt rate a comment

Everyone did a great job! I haven't visited every page yet but plan to. I just have to figure out where I've already been.
@ Shelly and Violet...the download vs comment thing has always been that way. I stopped taking it personal a long time ago. I figure if they download it, it must have been liked...although it does make you feel better to see the comments.

@Shelly - I agree with Tina. I'm new to all this from the designer end, but I think that people vote with their downloads, as it were. If people didn't like your designs, they surely wouldn't download them 600 times. smiley I think the number of comments is more a reflection of *who* is downloading (some people have time to comment, others don't, some people make a point of commenting, others don't care or don't think to) than anything about the quality of our work.

I wouldn't worry at all about blog comments. I think on average I get about 1 comment for every 100 downloads! Well, this blog train might be different because Pixel Scrapper is more like a community than a free-for-all like many blog trains. smiley But I think 1% is probably about average for me! I know I frequently forget to leave them. It's not lack of gratitude, it's pure laziness. smiley


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