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@kat kreations... I finally got around to unzipping all the files from the train & noticed that the 'B' is missing in the alpha you made... Could you provide us with the 'B' to make the alpha complete? (thanks in advance)

Edited to add:

My search for your website finally paid off (initially just came up with jewelry sites), and I see you were aware about the 'B' being missing & posted it there... For anyone else who is missing it, go here: http://katkreationslifeworthliving.blogspot.com/

I enjoyed the kits that everyone did for this Kitchen Blogtrain theme. I have just finished a layout with some pics my adult daughters took of our Pizza making last month. Hopefully I can get gallery access to upload soon.
I used parts by a bloom and Janet Scott Photography (the retro wordarts) Hope to do some more layouts soon.


I am late coming to the party, but am trying to download all the wonderful kits and additions to the blog train. I'm about half-way through. I've tried to leave comments on individual blogs as I go. I know it always makes me feel good to find a comment on my blog! There have been a couple that I couldn't leave one for there: Brandi, couldn't leave a new comment on yours; Jennifer, couldn't leave my comment on yours; and I think on SolyLuna's blog, I couldn't get to your comment section. BUT, all of your designs are great. I love them all and can imagine some beautiful layouts! Thanks to everyone who is contributing.

Sorry that I don't comment on all the blog sites. I have just joined the forum and now I will be able to tell all of you how much I love and appreciate all the hard work you do for us. If I don't comment here I will try to on Facebook pages. I can't wait to get started using this mega kit.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments...sorry I didn't have the ability for people to leave comments on my blog...I am so new to this, I set that blog up just so that I could participate in the train. I am going to move my blog to Blogger and have comments and make it searchable and add a bunch of other features.
Thanks again!
Jennifer (Sol Y Luna)

Thank you so much for the feedback smiley I really loved everyones part and i wish i had the time to go over and tell you all one by one what i liked the most smiley

OMG OMG OMG! I just noticed new comments on my blogpart for Retrokitchen were flooding in (a month later, that's weird?!) and I know why now: I have been featured on QUALITYDIGISCRAP FREEBIES! Aargh, this is my favorite freebie scrap site and they selected my kit. MY FIRST KIT EVER! *happy dance* Sorry y'all, I just had to scream my head of to someone.... smiley

That's pretty awesome, congrats! I have that site in my feed and noticed your kit was there.

Bigtime congrats, Melo! Your work is stunning - your papers for the Paper a Day are so fantastic they've been blowing my mind - and you definitely deserve to be featured with the "big kids" over at QDSF!

Fun! Congrats!


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